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      Overview and Purpose: Section 1 - Introduction to Pai Gow; Section 2 - The 32 Individual Dominoes; Section 3 - The 20 Ranking Pairs; Section 4 - Evaluating Every Possible Hand; Section 5 - An Eight Step Decision Sequence; Section 6 - Guidelines for Splitting Pairs; Section 7 - Closing Comments on Pai Gow. 28 Pgs. 1985

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        Based on the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fourth Edition, with a foreword by World Scrabble champion Brian Cappelletto, this is the equivalent of an intensive training course. Complete with winning word lists, such as those that combine high-scoring letters, ones with a preponderance of vowels, and those that allow multiple I and U dumps. Also offers tips on hitting triple-triples and achieving 7-letter bingos. 336 Pgs. 2007

        THE BOOK OF GO
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          Strategy rules! The ancient Asian game remains so popular that we've created a deluxe package of how-to book along with a 2-sided, perforated game board and pieces so that you'll learn to play and win multiple levels of this centuries-old, obsessive game. Know when to attack, defend, and how to anticipate your opponent's moves. 2002