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Item #: 9781568381299 -

    Nakken looks at how people become addicted, cultural influences, whether there's a genetic relationship, and the stages a person goes through on his way to compulsion. In this revised version of an earlier work, he updates research in psychology and genetics in relation to addiction and the steps to recovery. 131 pgs, paperback, 1996

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      Reith examines gambling's enduring appeal, exploring its complex relation to our underlying conceptions of the world, and to the social and cultural backgrounds of those who fall under its spell. She traces the origins of gambling in the ancient world and follows its manifestation in games as diverse as the patolli of the Aztecs and the Internet. Investigating subjective experiences and attitudes of individual players, she found that the deliberate seeking out of risk, a disregard for money,...

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      Item #: 9780471189695 -

        Subtitled 'Contemporary Treatment Strategies for Gambling Disorders', the authors chronicle the tales of people like a pharmacist who tried to supplement her income with prostitution and theft to get money for gambling; Nate, a 16-year-old student who shoplifted computers and other electronic high-ticket items to support his habit; and Joe, a retired carpenter who lives in a shelter after selling his house and forging his son's name to get money to gamble with. Woven into the tales...

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        Item #: 9780140283051 -

          Gambling is hardly new to Canadians. What is new, though, is the arrival of a powerful, American-style gambling industry, one that has compromised short-sighted politicians of all stripes with promises of easy money and profits as citizens from every walk of life succumb to its seductive allure. But Brian Hutchinson believes that this house of cards won't last much longer. Travelling across the country, rolling the dice in splashy new casinos and decrepit roadside dives, Hutchinson explores...

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          Item #: 9780700610563 -

            The author believes that tourism is one of the great economic engines of the 20th century West. In this book, he demonstrates what an incredible transformative power tourism has had, particularly in the West. As Mike Davis (Author of City of Quartz: Excavating the Future of Los Angeles) states on a cover blurb, 'Once pillaged for its raw materials, the American West is now looted for its landscapes and historical auras. Giant resort and gaming corporations are rapidly transforming the...

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            Item #: 9781572242005 -

              The authors have compiled one of the most comprehensive works available on problem gambling. Engaging and instructional case vignettes and exercises help readers navigate the confusing and emotional issues when gambling becomes a problem. 224 pgs, paperback, 2000

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              Item #: 9780942828399 -

                Here is a collection of 25 papers, presented at recent international gaming conferences, which focus on material and areas of interest to clinical psychologists, including areas involving rationality and decision making; experiential avoidance; impulsivity and

                FUTURES AT STAKE
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                Item #: 9780874173680 -

                  The widespread legalization of gambling across the U.S. has produced concerns about serious social, economic and health consequences. For the first time in this country, an entire generation of young people has reached adulthood within a context of approval and endorsement of gambling as a source of entertainment and recreation. Specialists in psychology, medicine, law, public health, economics, casino management, psychiatry, and criminal justice examine this problem from the perspective of...

                  GAMBLING & SPECULATION
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                  Item #: 616043917610 -

                    Subtitled " A Theory, A History, and A Future of Some Human Decisions". The authors offer a better understanding of the modern gambling craze while inquiring into human nature and the structure of societies. They argue that the negative image of gamblers and speculators stems from prejudices and fears whose roots are in distant and forgotten pasts. Indexed 286 Pgs. 1990 hardcover

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                    Item #: 9781484028582 -

                      Subtitled "An In-depth View on the History and Trend of Gambling Addiction". When does gambling step over the line from entertainment to addiction? As we have previously discussed, gambling has moved from a sin and a vice to a past time and form of recreation. How does a family know when the entertainment has moved from a hobby to a compulsion or addiction? Estimates of how many people classify themselves as social gamblers that really qualify for a diagnosis of gambling addiction...

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                      Item #: 9780864316806 -

                        The guide provides an understanding of why children and adolescents play fruit machines/video games to excess, including knowledge about the risk factors. Describes practical and common-sense interventions that may be beneficial for children, plus practical advice for parents facing their childs behavioral addiction. 56 pgs, paperback, 2005

                        GAMBLING ON CAMPUS
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                        Item #: 9780787985974 -

                          The authors explores the extent of problem gambling and pathological gambling among students (and faculty), and the potential consequences of campus gambling for students and institutions. Offers information, suggestions for research, frameworks for policy development, and models for practice related to campus gambling. 104 pgs, paperback, 2006

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                          Item #: 616043917696 -

                            Designed to be a comprehensive reference for use by clinicians, mental health professionals, social workers, legal professionals, researchers, scientists, students and administrators in the treatment of pathological or compulsive gamblers. 211 pgs, paperback, 1987

                            JACKPOT NATION
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                            Item #: 616043917740 -

                              Estimating that Americans bet somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 billion a year, Hoffer, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, wandered across the U.S. showing us how we gamble, why we gamble, and why the biggest opponents of gambling are now the biggest fans. He visits trade shows, hangs around underground poker games, hustles for a side of bacon in a Minnesota bar, discusses expansion plans with a tribal chief, and looks at every angle of chance taking. 241 pgs hardcover, 2007

                              LOSING YOUR SHIRT: 2ND EDITION
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                              Item #: 9781568387338 -

                                Heineman focuses on recovery techniques for problem gamblers and their families. He presents a non-threatening approach in six major sections including: Dynamics in the Compulsive Gambler's Marriage, Fighting a Losing Battle, The Affected and Recovery, On the Steps and Beyond the Steps. Bibliography for researchers and sources to write for help. Takes into account the spread of Internet gambling, day trading, the growing numbers of women, seniors and young people who are becoming addicted....

                                ONE MORE TIME: THE GAMBLERS MANTRA
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                                Item #: 616043918044 -

                                  Written in easy-to-read language, this is a series of case studies, combined with valuable information to provide the reader with insight into the crisis surrounding gambling in America. Most importantly, the authors offer guidance on how to avoid and overcome this problem. Humphrey is a nationally certified gambling counselor. Slawik is a nationally certified gambling counselor who gives training and case management services for the Delaware Council on Gambling Problems. 118 pgs, paperback,...

                                  PATHOLOGICAL GAMBLING (PAPERBOUND)
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                                  Item #: 9781433811777 -

                                    Written with the model of the psychologist as scientist-practitioner, major sections cover: Impulse and Addiction Disorders; Case Histories; and the Treatment of Pathological Gambling, including Abstinence Versus Controlled Gambling; Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment; Forensic Issues; and Practical Issues of Treatment. 72 pgs, paperback, 1992

                                    POKER: THE PARODY OF CAPITALISM
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                                    Item #: 9780472051632 -

                                      Poker is an extraordinary worldwide phenomenon with major social, cultural, and political implications, and 'Poker: The Parody of Capitalism' investigates the game of poker as a cultural expression of significance not unlike art, literature, film, or music. Tracing the history of poker and comparing the evolution of the game to the development of capitalism, Bjerg complicates prevalent notions of casino capitalism and correspondingly facile and simplistic comparisons of late capitalism and...

                                      PROBLEM GAMBLING & ITS TREATMENT
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                                      Item #: 9780398072308 -

                                        This book is an introduction to the topic of problem gambling and its treatment. A variety of different data and information, based on solid research, are drawn upon to understand problem gambling and its treatment. The book follows a logical sequence, beginning with the development of an understanding of problem gambling and ending with a discussion of different kinds of treatment. Useful as an introductory text for students, and for policymakers involved in the legalization, expansion, and...

                                        SHE BETS HER LIFE
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                                        Item #: 9781580052986 -

                                          What sets 'She Bets Her Life' apart is Mary Sojourner's ability to take both an objective and a deeply personal look at the psychological and physiological impact of gambling addiction on women. Having lived it, Sojourner is brutally forthcoming, and with her penchant for research and fact-finding, the narrative is teeming with important information and resources to help steer women with gambling addictions (and their loved ones) toward help and healing. 280 Pages Paperbound 2010

                                          SIX TO FIVE AGAINST: A GAMBLERS ODYSSEY
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                                          Item #: 9781571431134 -

                                            Millions of Americans are compulsive gamblers. Dragin was one such gambler, but deep in the throes of his addiction he experienced a spark of clarity that sent him on a detective-like search through the gambler's world, from Renaissance Italy to Internet gambling, interviewing compulsive gamblers as well as leading researchers in gambling addiction. Peopled with outrageous characters such as Nick the Greek as well as tragic figures such as a judge whose gambling debt landed him in prison, this...

                                            STOP GAMBLING FOR GOOD
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                                            Item #: 1864 -

                                              Many people make trips to the casinos or play their favorite numbers in the lotto. But when does a harmless pastime become a dangerous addiction? Even successful gamblers who don't bet more than they can afford to lose could still be acting out an unhealthy compulsion. Dr. Prasad contends that gamblers can learn to identify their psychological motivations for gambling. His six-step plan shows readers how to take responsible risks in life without gambling away security, money or happiness. 144...

                                              THE LAST RESORT
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                                              Item #: 9780874171402 -

                                                Examines 10 major campaigns to legalize gambling in America that were waged from 1976 to 1986. Proposes an explanation for why legalization of casino gambling lags behind legalization of other forms of gambling. Excellent reference section for researchers. 220 pgs, hardcover, 1990

                                                THE LUCK BUSINESS
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                                                Item #: 9780029124833 -

                                                  The Devastating Consequences and Broken Promises of America's Gambling Explosion. 288 pages, hardcover, 1995.

                                                  TO GAMBLE OR NOT TO GAMBLE
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                                                  Item #: 616043918846 -

                                                    The author believes that gambling is a disease that infects the individual, the family and the nation. He proves his point by dissecting various forms of wagering and Las Vegas itself. Then provides a cure for those addicted to gambling. Includes a 20 question test to help determine if you are a compulsive gambler and recommends the Gambler's Anonymous 12-step program as a cure. 370 Pages Hardbound 1972

                                                    TREATING GAMBLING PROBLEMS
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                                                    Item #: 9780471484844 -

                                                      UNDERSTANDING & TREATING PATHOLOGICAL GAMBLER
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                                                      Item #: 9780470843772 -

                                                        Over two-thirds of adults engage in gambling on a regular basis. For most people, gambling is a relaxing activity with no negative consequences. However, others develop an addiction to gambling that manifests itself as an irrepressible impulse to wager money. Robert Ladouceur and his co-authors begin by looking at gambling through the ages and then present an overview of treatments that have been used for pathological gambling over the last two decades. Next they examine the cognitive traps...

                                                        UNDERSTANDING COMPULSIVE GAMBLING
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                                                        HAZELDEN Item #: 2239 -

                                                          A concise overview of addictive gambling. This Understanding Compulsive Gambling pamphlet clearly describes both the emotional progression and the effects of compulsive gambling on our lives, finances, and families. Personal stories demonstrate that change is possible through programs such as Gamblers Anonymous. 208 Pgs. 1999

                                                          UNDERSTANDING PROBLEM GAMBLERS
                                                          Availability: Available
                                                          Item #: 616043918945 -

                                                            The author recognizes that gambling has a legitimate place in society, but here he explores some of the motivations and attractions of gambling and how the transition from social to problem gambling and dependency develops. He pays particular attention to young gamblers, including the family environment and how they differ from older gamblers. He details how to break through the barrier of denial, help overcome the addiction and prevent relapse. A vital book for the problem gambler and anyone...

                                                            WHEN LUCK RUNS OUT
                                                            Price: $29.95
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                                                            Item #: 9780446300605 -

                                                              More than 80 million Americans engage in recreational gambling. Yet for an estimated 3 million, gambling is not a diversion but a mercilessly compulsion capable of destroying families and lives. In this groundbreaking book, internationally recognized authority Dr. Robert Custer and writer Harry Milt offer important help for the compulsive gambler and his or her family. With its reassuring tone and informative presentation, the book offers a complete examination of the illness and its...

                                                              YOU BET YOUR LIFE
                                                              Price: $32.95
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                                                              Item #: 9780813121956 -

                                                                Isaac takes a new approach to compulsion, arguing that gambling is not a simple impulse control disorder and that not all gamblers want to lose. Using case histories, examples from television and movies, he shows how gambling can be abused and misunderstood, and how people who gamble can be abused and misunderstood. As a lifelong gambler and a licensed therapist specializing in treating pathological gambling, Isaacs presents a view that may be helpful to those who live with compulsion as well...