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JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 3278 -

    Subtitled 'Contemporary Treatment Strategies for Gambling Disorders', the authors chronicle the tales of people like a pharmacist who tried to supplement her income with prostitution and theft to get money for gambling; Nate, a 16-year-old student who shoplifted computers and other electronic high-ticket items to support his habit; and Joe, a retired carpenter who lives in a shelter after selling his house and forging his son's name to get money to gamble with. Woven into the tales is a look...

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      Subtitled 'Bookmaking, Anti-Gambling, and the Law'  this work focuses on illegal gambling and bookmaking in the United Kingdom during the 20th Century. It gives a major resource in understanding the sociology and social history of lawmaking in regard to gambling. This is the first major study to trace the rise and fall of the attempt at prohibition, as well as being the first study of the National Anti-Gambling League. Contains a 40 page bibliography and an 11 page index. 408 Pgs....

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      Item #: 616043917610 -

        Subtitled " A Theory, A History, and A Future of Some Human Decisions". The authors offer a better understanding of the modern gambling craze while inquiring into human nature and the structure of societies. They argue that the negative image of gamblers and speculators stems from prejudices and fears whose roots are in distant and forgotten pasts. Indexed 286 Pgs. 1990 hardcover

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        JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 826 -

          The guide provides an understanding of why children and adolescents play fruit machines/video games to excess, including knowledge about the risk factors. Describes practical and common-sense interventions that may be beneficial for children, plus practical advice for parents facing their child's behavioral addiction. 56 Pgs. 2005

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          JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 831 -

            The authors explores the extent of problem gambling and pathological gambling among students (and faculty), and the potential consequences of campus gambling for students and institutions. Offers information, suggestions for research, frameworks for policy development, and models for practice related to campus gambling. 104 Pgs. 2006

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            PENGUINRANDOMHOUSE Item #: 842 -

              Reith has assembled a comprehensive and thought-provoking collection of articles by internationally recognized experts in the study of gambling: doctors, lawyers, journalists and academics. It presents a diverse range of perspectives on gambling: from legal, political, and economic, to social, psychological, and ethical. The collection offers a balanced range of viewpoints and arguments, allowing readers to decide for themselves what role gambling should play in our society. Topics discussed...

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              Item #: 616043917696 -

                Designed to be a comprehensive reference for use by clinicians, mental health professionals, social workers, legal professionals, researchers, scientists, students and administrators in the treatment of pathological or compulsive gamblers. 211 pgs, paperback, 1987

                JACKPOT NATION
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                Item #: 616043917740 -

                  Estimating that Americans bet somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 billion a year, Hoffer, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, wandered across the U.S. showing us how we gamble, why we gamble, and why the biggest opponents of gambling are now the biggest fans. He visits trade shows, hangs around underground poker games, hustles for a side of bacon in a Minnesota bar, discusses expansion plans with a tribal chief, and looks at every angle of chance taking. 241 pgs hardcover, 2007

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                  CHARLES C. THOMAS PUBLISHERS Item #: 1618 -

                    This book is an introduction to the topic of problem gambling and its treatment. A variety of different data and information, based on solid research, are drawn upon to understand problem gambling and its treatment. The book follows a logical sequence, beginning with the development of an understanding of problem gambling and ending with a discussion of different kinds of treatment. Useful as an introductory text for students, and for policymakers involved in the legalization, expansion, and...

                    THE LUCK BUSINESS
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                    Item #: 2065 -

                      The Devastating Consequences and Broken Promises of America's Gambling Explosion. 288 Pgs. 1995 Hardcover

                      TO GAMBLE OR NOT TO GAMBLE
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                      Item #: 616043918846 -

                        The author believes that gambling is a disease that infects the individual, the family and the nation. He proves his point by dissecting various forms of wagering and Las Vegas itself. Then provides a cure for those addicted to gambling. Includes a 20 question test to help determine if you are a compulsive gambler and recommends the Gambler's Anonymous 12-step program as a cure. 370 Pages Hardbound 1972

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                        JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 2238 -

                          Understanding and Treating the Pathological Gambler provides a combination of theory and practical solutions for the clinician working with pathological gamblers. The first half of this title discusses the history, theories and evaluation of gamblers and gambling while the second provides clinicians with interventions, based on scientific research, for the cessation of abusive gambling, including strategies for long-term abstinence and relapse prevention.* Written by a world renowned expert on...

                          UNDERSTANDING PROBLEM GAMBLERS
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                          Item #: 616043918945 -

                            The author recognizes that gambling has a legitimate place in society, but here he explores some of the motivations and attractions of gambling and how the transition from social to problem gambling and dependency develops. He pays particular attention to young gamblers, including the family environment and how they differ from older gamblers. He details how to break through the barrier of denial, help overcome the addiction and prevent relapse. A vital book for the problem gambler and anyone...