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    The author covers a wide range of wagering situations, from horses to casino, legal to illegal. Includes tax issues, IRS reporting issues, foreign and in-flight gaming, lottery and much more for anyone who needs immediate answers. 359 pgs, hardcover, 1998

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      This is a memoir constructed from interviews with Guy Farmer for the University of Nevada Oral History Program. Farmer served as press spokesman for the gaming control agencies and as liaison officer with state and national media. This then is a recollection of vital memories of Nevada's unique gaming control system, which eventually became the model for other states. 128 pgs, paperback, 2008

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        This is a memoir prepared by the UNR Oral History Program. It features Guy Farmer, publicist, remembering the second governorship of Grant Sawyer and how it dealt with, impacted, and witnessed the gaming industry. 54 pgs, paperback, 2006

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          An essential resource for legal professionals and business executives in the field of gaming law, authored by two of the most prominent experts in the field. This valuable book covers a multitude of new challenges to government and regulatory agencies that deal with gambling legislation, including: federal legislation on Internet gambling; U.S. laws that apply to advertising for online gaming services; use and abuse of certain bank instruments for Internet gambling; laws on phone wagers via...

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            The noted law firm uses this book to explain and review Nevada gaming law including: An Overview of all Regulatory Agencies, individual licensing and all its implications and requirements. Also: Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts, Private Corporations, Publicly-Traded Corporations, Partnerships, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Trusts and Estate Planning. Also: Gaming Employees, Officers and Directors, Key Gaming Employees, Independent Agents, Labor...

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              Subtitled "Policies, Procedures, and Economics". Gaming law is many decades old but has only recently been recognized as a distinct legal discipline. The few, early jurisdictions across the world that permitted gaming regulated it in isolation. When the liberalization of casino gaming took hold in the 1980s, legislators frequently, and irrationally, sought the most “stringent” regulatory regime. The problem was legislators were inexperienced at creating and defining gaming policy goals, and...

              THE BIG GAMBLE
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                Von Herrmann examines the politics of state and federal gambling policy, particularly policies relating to casinos and state lotteries. She considers gambling policy from a variety of perspectives, including the politics of adoption, the state and federal governments' role in policy formation and implementation and the broad economic and social impact questions related to gambling. The inclusion of several state case studies provides insight into the largely successful reshaping of...