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    The systems concentrate on progression and unit betting ploys, tabbing ready 2 year olds, classic plays for serious handicappers, putting the marks on speed, weight on and weight off today, international handicapping systems and what the experts say. These are real betting systems put together by a staff of experts who applied them to the races as part of their overall handicapping attack. 64 Pgs. 1979

    2018 PARS PLUS
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      Without par times the bettor must guess whether a shipper has the pace and speed ability to be competitive in a particular field - or if a class jumper is fast enough to withstand the raise, or how well a distance switcher will do running longer or shorter. Lists the average daily variant on which par times were based on virtually every important track in the country. Tells, for example, how Turf Paradise (AZ) really compares to Santa Anita or Belmont. Track class levels tell you quickly how...

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        Mitchell, a veteran handicapper and writer, contends that handicapping thoroughbreds is a whole new game today. Simulcasting allows you to pick your spots for the best return, but you must be ready to see a contender within minutes and bet it in such a way that you reap the biggest reward. This means betting the exotics. Mitchell includes his best and favorite methods for picking the right horse to extract maximum profits, and a two-day workshop to demonstrate the strength of his concepts. 255...

        7 TO 7 1/2F SIRE RANKINGS
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          Ever feel perplexed when handicapping that occasional 7 to 7-1/2f race on dirt or turf? Is it a long sprint or a short route? So did Boal, and decided to do something about it. For three years, he logged the Winning Sires at this bastard distance covering 3,122 races and published 7 to 7-1/2f Sire Rankings. Now for the first time, handicappers can have at their fingertips the only empirical study of its kind providing a "pecking order" of the 394 Winning Sires at 7 to 7-1/2f that gives you...

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            Arnold has tested his wits against fellow handicappers since the day he was old enough to approach a parimutuel window. His approach to building a sensible methodology will help you tackle the sometimes overwhelming task of winning money betting on thoroughbred races. Find out how to better manage money, time and data and develop your own strategy that will lead to consistent profits. 287 Pgs 2005   Table of Contents Money Management Time Management Data Management Special Situations...

            A BREED APART
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              Helm has written a book for both the beginner and experienced horseplayer who is looking for a concise explanation of how to incorporate trainers, jockeys, owners, stewards, vets, and the horses and tracks into a precise method for picking winners. He analyzes what these people have to say about what makes a winning runner and a winning handicapper, pointing out the finer concepts of horseracing. 326 pgs, hardcover, 2003

              A DAY AT THE RACES
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                  Includes Bill Quirin's Grass Stallion List. 2015

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                    Prof. Jones' Strategy for Non-Computer Users. Finally, the ultimate advanced winning strategy that gives you the extra edge to greatly increase winning percentages - a must for serious players intent on winning! Beat any dog track!. For the first time, Jones reveals his computer-proven winning secrets. Learn the advanced strategies the pros use, such as Sloped Speed and Advanced Earning Analysis, and how to really determine recent form so you can pick winner after winner. Receive wheeling...

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                      Understanding how to mark the program will make a difference between losing and winning. The suggestions of how to mark your program in this book refers to any mark to help you correctly make a wagering decision. Casey covers the middle-box break problem dog; class dog gone bad; identifying a 'checker'; an overbet dog; double dropdown dogs. 21 pages, paperbound.

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                        This instructional DVD is designed to help you master ultra-modern, pace-and-speed handicapping. Mitchell guides you step by step on how to make accurate projected times that will show you how a race will play out by instructing you to stick to real-time measures and not some arbitrary ratings or figures. Special bonus material includes 2007 PARS PLUS materials and the latest developments and improvements therein.

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                          The 25 betting angles in this book include: driver changes; trainer claiming; qualifying; class angle; the drop down claiming angle; multiple winners advantage angle; repeater; early speed/stretch gain angle; hidden form; scratched horse; lasix; equipment angles. Also contains specific past performance reproductions, charts, results and analysis to help players remember situations for future bets. 60 pgs, paperback, 1995

                          ALL-IN-ONE V6
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                            The culmination of more than a decade of handicapping software excellence. Combining the time-honored best of ALL-IN-ONE 5 with the leading-edge advances of The Handy Capper and Betting Analyst Supreme Express all designed with you in mind. Re-coded from the ground up, V6 carries on the proud All-In-One tradition by living up to its name as a single, comprehensive program. The predictive power and in-depth reports that are the hallmark of the All-In-One experience have now been enhanced by a...

                            ALWAYS AN OVERLAY
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                              This software will help you identify the horses that pay far more than expected when they win. While it can be used as a handicapping system, it was not designed for that purpose. It allows you to quickly produce your own morning line, one that more accurately tells you which horses have the best chance of winning any race. You can then compare your morning line to what is taking place at the track.

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                                The Backstretch is a soul-searching, revealing account of the authors first ten years of handicapping horses (and other pari-mutuel offerings). Those who have been around and involved will recognize themselves and their friends in this book; newcomers to the games will experience some eye-opening facts about playing in the adult game of watering. The book isn't a handicapping lesson but rather a life lesson that is ongoing. 240 pages, paperbound, 2007.

                                BARRY MEADOW REPORTS
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                                  This set of nine reports covers a variety of subjects which should make money with its guidance and concrete methods of handicapping. A brief look at each of the reports: SYSTEMS - DO THEY WORK? - Here Meadow makes the bettor think before he invests, in mail-order gimmicks that promise riches but usually wind up in the bottom of a canary cage. Directs the reader to several legitimate individuals who analyze systems and identifies some who have produced overblown methods for their own profit....

                                  BEAT THE TRACK
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                                    This book contains the most powerful, most successful, easy-to-follow selection methods from an expert who has fooled the most respected handicappers. 177 pages Paperbound 1990/1992

                                    BEATING CLAIMING RACES FOR YOUNGER HORSES
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                                      Unite knows claiming horses. He knows that they don't conform to the usual tenets of classical handicapping. To prove it, he immediately points to a statistic that claiming races for three-year-olds and four-year-olds are won only  by the favorite far less than the usual 33 percent.  That means favorites in these race aren't just vulnerable - they're usually downright false. You'll learn how to combine the time-honored principles of speed, class and form in such a way that will...

                                      BET WITH THE BEST 2: LONGSHOTS
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                                        Ten prominent thoroughbred handicappers/writers contribute their thoughts and approaches to looking for the longshot wager at the track. Authors include Andy Beyer, Tom Brohamer, Steve Crist, Steve Davidowitz, Brad Free, Dave Liftin, James Quinn, Alan Shuback, Lauren Stich and Mike Watchmaker. Charts. 249 Pgs. Hardbound 2008

                                        BETTING & BEATING THE EXOTICS
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                                          Subtitled 'A Complete Study of and Exercise in Making Profits at Pick 3's and Trifectas', this includes a workable betting system and advice on how to set your mind to win. These are among the most popular wagers at the track today, and this book helps get a 'handle' on how to approach them logically. 87 Pages Paperbound 1995

                                          BETTING ANALYST SUPREME EXPRESS
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                                            Improve your results without changing your handicapping one bit. The power to turn your favorite pastime into a handsome-paying hobby or even a profession is already in your grasp. You just don't know it. And the reason you don't know it is that you're too busy trying to tinker with your handicapping without paying even the scarcest attention to your betting strategy and money management. How many times have you heard it said or even said it yourself: "I'd do a lot better if I only knew...

                                            BETTING MAIDENS AND TWO-YEAR-OLDS
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                                              The book's back-cover description gets to the point quickly: Readers will learn about first-time starters and experienced maidens on dirt and turf, paddock inspections, trainer/jockey combinations, Beyer Pars. Illman covers everything from yearling auctions to form cycles for older maidens, taking you from the first baby races of the spring all the way through the Breeder's Cup and Juvenile Fillies. The work contains 17 chapters and is well-priced at $14.95. Illman seems to know what bettors...

                                              BETTING ON MYSELF: ADVENTURES OF A HORSEPLAYER
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                                              Item #: 9780972640107 -

                                                In eight chapters, Crist, chairman and publisher of the Daily Racing Form, pens his memoirs of racing. In eight chapters he covers Going To The Dogs, The Education Of A Horseplayer, Getting Up To Speed, King Of The Pick Six, Substance Over Form, Turning Pro, The Odd Couple, and Returning To Form. The journey to success as a publisher of the largest racing information publication includes Crist's days as a player. 228 Pages Hardbound 2003

                                                BETTING SYNTHETIC RACING SURFACES
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                                                Item #: 616043912851 -

                                                  The long-awaited study on how to adjust handicapping skills to the new surfaces, this book covers questions about the impact of the new surface (designed to cut down on the number of injured horses) have yet to be answered. Finley believes the surface is here to stay. In a dozen chapters he discusses track bias, which sires are likely to have offspring that will benefit, the switch from dirt to synthetic and vice versa, exactly what polypropylene is and what is the future of the substance. He...

                                                  BETTING WINNERS: A GUIDE FOR THE HARNESS FAN
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                                                  Item #: 9780896506282 -

                                                    PRICE REDUCED ... WAS $9.95 ... Published in 1981, this book is considered a classic in the genre of a textbook. 15 chapters cover important insights to handicapping for winners, including a round-up of solid advice from experts. 173 Pgs. 1981

                                                    BETTING WITH AN EDGE
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                                                    Item #: 9638 -

                                                      Subtitled 'A Professional Horseplayer's Life in Thoroughbred Racing'. Heavily influenced by the works of Andy Beyer, Betting with An Edge is a handicapping book for the 21st century, with advice on how to use modern tools to improve your game, and how to take trip and bias notes that will help you in the modern landscape. Betting with An Edge is fun, informative, and a major contribution to the canon of racing literature by a guy who's spent his entire life at the track. 286 Pgs. 2017...

                                                      BEYER ON SPEED: NEW STRATEGIES FOR RACETRACK BETTING
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                                                      HOUGHTON MIFFLIN Item #: 321 -

                                                        This Beyer classic shows how to make speed the focal point of an effective strategy for racetrack betting. It explains how to relate the numbers to other important factors such as pace and track bias and reveals optimal uses of the figures based on computer analysis of more than 10,000 races performed by the Daily Racing Form exclusively for this book. 238 Pgs.1993Table of ContentsThe Value of Speed FiguresProbabilities and PatternsHow Was the Figure Earned?How Will He Run Today?The...

                                                        BLINKERS OFF
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                                                        Item #: 373 -

                                                          How DOES one learn how to identify a well-condition horse? That's the key. Fotias is the teacher: the subject is form cycle analysis. That factor AND money management are the one-two punch separating winners from losers in the long run. For those who believe pace, deceleration, velocity, feet per second, and ground loss are vital factors in handicapping a race, there's a gold mine of information awaiting you. Fotias believes it is crucial to examine each horse's last three years of...

                                                          BRINGING HOME THE JACKPOTS: JACKPOT BETTING WITH HANDICAPPING
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                                                          Item #: 616043912875 -

                                                            The author, (who previously wrote 'Out of the Red, Into the Black', a respected work on money management techniques), concentrates on three exotic jackpot bets:  Pick 4, Pick 6, and Superperfecta. He tells you when the exotic is bettable (the pool must reach a certain level) because the potential reward has to constitute the risk. He also tells you how to play and how much to invest along with the mathematics involved in the wager. The book provides tables, charts, options in buying...

                                                            BY A NOSE: GAMBLING TALES FROM A HORSERACING INSIDER
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                                                            Item #: 9781436382731 -

                                                              Gentile covers his decades in the world of thoroughbred racing as a teller, ticket room clerk, cashier, manager and senior auditor with lots of information on his days as a bettor. Included are his four golden rules of gambling. 177 Pgs. 2008

                                                              CASHING BIG ON RACINGS BIGGEST DAYS
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                                                              Item #: 4561 -

                                                                For the last several decades, Steve Davidowitz - author of the best-selling handicapping classic Betting Thoroughbreds For the 21st Century - has been honing his superior handicapping and wagering skills to fine-tune a winning strategy that can be applied on racing's biggest days. From isolating key contenders to constructing crafty Superfecta or Pick 4 tickets, Davidowitz has left no stone unturned in Cashing Big on Racing's Biggest Days by providing players with a quality game plan for...

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                                                                Item #: 499 -

                                                                  Subtitled 'The Lives, Times, and Past Performances of America's Greatest Thoroughbreds'.'Champions' brings to life Thoroughbred royalty from 1894 - 2015. This fabulous fourth edition features over 550 complete lifetime past performances of racing's elite, more than 135 rare photographs and illustrations, and a decade-by-decade recounting of Thoroughbred history by the sport's leading journalists. Whether Secretariat, Seabiscuit or Zenyatta, each and every Thoroughbred legend is represented in...

                                                                  CHUCKING THE CHALK: FINDING FALSE FAVORITES FAST
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                                                                  Item #: 616043912905 -

                                                                    Subtitled “No Bad Faves,” this DVD helps identify a post-time favorite who just won't run to all the hype. Yes, when the public goes way overboard on its choice and you know the horse has almost no chance of winning, you can bet any other horse in the race - or every horse other than the favorite - and make a great profit in the long-haul! The trick is to be able to quickly distinguish the legitimate favorites from the bogus ones. This fast-paced, informative and entertaining ...

                                                                    COMMONSENSE EXACTA & MODERN TECHNIQUES: DVD
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                                                                    Item #: 616043912912 -

                                                                      Dick Mitchell explains why exacta betting takes a combination of skills in handicapping and wagering and how you must alter your methods to take advantage of this bet. Here he alerts you to the subtleties of the bet, including the all important place-horse, the presence of vulnerable and false favorites and when the favorite is legitimate and unbeatable. DVD.

                                                                      COMMONSENSE MAIDEN HANDICAPPING: DVD
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                                                                      Item #: 616043912929 -

                                                                        Maiden races are inescapable, especially if you like playing serial bets such as the Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6. Mitchell takes you step-by-step through his checklist strategies for prospering from maidens, including which handicapping factors to emphasize and which to ignore when dealing with maidens. It's the best of old-school wisdom from Mitchell, plus cutting-edge new techniques from the best of his disciples. 2007 DVD.

                                                                        CONTEMPORARY CONTENDERS & PRACTICAL PACELINES
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 616043912943 -

                                                                          This DVD presentation from Mitchell teaches a structured, logical and total approach for narrowing the field down to its best contenders. After that, it's time to visit each contender's record to pick out the most appropriate past-performance line to rate what that contender will do today. Regardless of your current methodology - from high-tech handicapper to old-school pencil and paper  - these contender-and-paceline techniques will bring new focus and confidence to your game. In race...