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    This set of nine reports covers a variety of subjects which should make money with its guidance and concrete methods of handicapping. A brief look at each of the reports: SYSTEMS - DO THEY WORK? - Here Meadow makes the bettor think before he invests, in mail-order gimmicks that promise riches but usually wind up in the bottom of a canary cage. Directs the reader to several legitimate individuals who analyze systems and identifies some who have produced overblown methods for their own profit. Eight pages. PHONE TOUTS - THE INSIDE STORY - Focuses on telephone handicappers who use techniques like manipulation and their use of the greed factor - who will charge you $25 to $500 for their "surefire" selections. If this doesn't keep you from being a phone service victim, nothing will. Six pages. STATISTICS MADE SIMPLE - Teaches you principles of judging the worth of handicapping statistics. Examples: Recognizing the importance of the size of the sample. The larger the sample, the better chance percentages are accurate. Why ROI (Return On Investment) stats are often skewed by a handful of long shot winners - sometimes even one such winner. 12 pages. PROFITING WITH SPEED FIGURES - Discusses among other things, the two major ways of making figures: Par times and Projected times and many problems in developing an accurate figure and looking at how the horse is going to run. 11 pages. HOW TO MAKE AN ODDS LINE - This is the single most important skill a handicapper can possess, since he can find flaws in the public's odds. Seven pages.  USING A COMPUTER IN HANDICAPPING - Explains the benefits of a computer, the equipment to consider purchasing, while comparing programs like paceline analysis or one which helps evaluate impact values. Explains problems with computer programs as a handicapping tool, talks about the downloading option, redundancy, and  how to shop for a computer program. Seven pages.  DUTCHING FOR FUN AND PROFIT - Betting two or more horses in a race in some manner as to guarantee a certain return is called "dutching" or "proportional betting". Meadow emphasizes this guarantee is valid only if one of the horses you bet wins.This report explains how it works, with variations, options, examples. Eight pages. BEATING THE BOOKMAKERS - Even with off-track betting, illegal bookmakers still operate, because OTB operations often charge a 5% commission on wins, while a local BM might give you a 5% bonus on wins. Explains why it's good to have at least two, how they vary, questions to ask, the disadvantages of bookies, and how to find one. Five pages. TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES - In Nevada, there are dozens of tournaments a year. Sometimes tracks themselves offer them. Meadow explains the differences and includes truths about handicapping ability and its impact on tournament results. Knowing the rules and how to manage money are priorities. Offers rules, tells you about the when and where and the rules of four major tourneys. He offers do's and don'ts in strategies to find an edge. Eight pages. Paperbound 1996

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