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    The 25 betting angles in this book include: driver changes; trainer claiming; qualifying; class angle; the drop down claiming angle; multiple winners advantage angle; repeater; early speed/stretch gain angle; hidden form; scratched horse; lasix; equipment angles. Also contains specific past performance reproductions, charts, results and analysis to help players remember situations for future bets. 60 pgs, paperback, 1995

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      Thirty-some years ago, Meadow wrote a book called 'Success at the Harness Races', back when the game was vastly different. Now, he takes a more precise look at how the additions, deletions, and major changes to the game have altered the handicapper's edge significantly and how he can get it back.  He covers six major sections, each with at least eight chapters that unravel such mysteries as trip handicapping, how to watch a race, how to use statistics and systems, how to eliminate losers,...

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        You can pick the horses pretty good, but you can't make any money at the track? You've got money to wager, but you have trouble with predicting race outcomes? You enjoy the challenge and sport of harness horse racing, and you'd like to enhance that enjoyment with some real profit? This is the book for you! SCORE BIG AT THE HARNESS TRACK! is the first book to instruct you in the two equally essential skills of both handicapping and wagering. Either one is worthless without the other! Both...