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All your professional and home needs for roulette. We have roulette wheels in all sizes, roulette layouts, roulette balls, roulette chip ladders, roulette pyramid markers, roulette markers clear and in a variety of colors, casino-size roulette tables, 10 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch roulette wheels, roulette accessories, preprinted and custom roulette chips. We are the oldest continuously operating manufacturer of custom roulette chips in Nevada. We make chips for casinos around the world in our local million-dollar chip manufacturing facility in Las Vegas.
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    This primer advises the novice on the fundamental rules and methods of play. Geared to the American wheel (36 numbers -  zero and double zero). 80 Pgs.1982 Preface Introduction The Object of The Game Two Fundamental Fractions Wagers And Payoffs Compound Wagers Multiple Wagers A Simple Formula Getting In And Out Of The Game Buying In And Cashing Out Meeting Uncertainty For The First Time The Concept Of Randomness A Question For Mathematicians Two Kinds Of Game A Simple Concept The Formula...

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      Basic strategy card for American style roulette with single zero and double zero. Credit card size for carrying with you.

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        A quick introduction to both the American (single and double zero) and European (single zero) version of the game. It covers the dealer's responsibilities, chip denominations, table layout, with a description of all possible bets. 58 pgs, paperback, 1993

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        TIA M. STOCKS Item #: 10511 -

          Subtitled "Mathematical Progressions For Even-Money Wagers". The casino always makes a profit. This doesn’t, however, mean that individuals can’t win. The secret, as fourth annual Binion’s Poker Classic final table competitor T.M. Stocks reveals, is understanding how to use mathematical progressions to vary your even-money wagers so that you will make a profit even when you win less than half your bets. That understanding is crucial because even at the supposedly even chance bet of red or...

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            A long-time casino host and games instructor teaches all the basics of roulette: inside and outside strategies plus money management, the best ways to play 1 number, 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers, 5 numbers, 6 numbers, 9 numbers, 12 numbers and 18 numbers. Jordan also includes various betting systems people have used over the years.

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              In this DVD, Patrick covers the game of roulette from beginning to end, from layout, wagers, styles, money management, discipline, theory, betting, and more. Excellent advice for the beginning and somewhat experienced player.

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                This tape shows the table layout, explains the various bets, the role of the dealer, the chip values and colors, and introduces proper table etiquette.

                Mini Roulette Set
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                  6 1/2 miniature roulette includes roulette wheel, dice, balls, marker, set of chips, plaques, rake and playing mat.

                  ROULETTE SQUARED
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                    There are those who advocate wheel strategies while some advocate layout strategies. This book is going to show you a combination of both. There is an accurate system for determining which section of the wheel the ball will land on. Candelaria practiced until he believed he mastered the technique only to find out the casinos had changed the rules as you could no longer place a bet down on the last four revolutions. (The same thing happened to single deck blackjack - they shuffle up about...

                    ROULETTE TRAINING DVD
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                      DVD includes topics such as Odds, Percentages, Ball controlling, Chip converting, Procedures and protection. 2008

                      SECRETS OF WINNING ROULETTE
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                        Seventeen sections include the obvious: Playing the Game, plus discussions titled Quirks of Roulette (biased wheels, speed, ball switching, signatures); Prediction by Visual Tracking, Classical Systems; Playing the Systems for Profit. Also discusses Old Tricks (ball tripping, gaffing, cheating) and New Tricks (computer prediction); and Winning the Money (surveillance, psychology of the pit, team selection). Though Jensen doesn't recommend the use of computers in the casino, he does go into...

                        THE GRI ROULETTE MASTER
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                          This powerful strategy formerly used only by professional and high stakes players, is time-tested and has proven effective in casinos around the world. It's easy to learn - just make the correct bets to insure maximum effectiveness of this money strategy! BUILT-IN DYNAMICS - Use the built-in dynamics of roulette and work only with the best bets. No hunches or 2nd guessing - when luck calls, rake in the winnings. Built-in safeguards protect you against bad spins and eliminate the pitfalls of...