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200 POKER TELLS Poker Tells, Poker Bluffs, Verbal Tells, Poker, Texas Holdem Stud
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    Here is what poker players around the world have been waiting for. A follow up to the hugely successful “Read ‘em and Reap.” Joe Navarro brings us an incredible two hundred (200) of the most often observed tells in poker. This is a must for the amateur as well as the pro. Navarro brings together his experience working with and analyzing poker players as only a world class observer could. This is an ideal and easy to read guide to poker tells. All meat, no fluff, written...

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      Told from the viewpoint of a self-described competition junkie, this is a look at the psychology behind the competitive drive and the sociological ramifications of acting on competitive impulses, plus advice on how to channel those impulses for personal gain in business, sport, and in life. In his personal journey, Apostolico draws parallels between personal competition and competition in the business world, and gives advice on how to use your competitive drive to win at everything you do. 272...

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      RED WHEEL REISER Item #: 866 -

        A former Army interrogator shares his secrets for getting exactly what you want out of anyone, anytime. In business, school, romance, or your neighborhood, it is valuable to know what attracts people, what repels them, and what makes them tick. Choosing the right approach will enable you to influence people to do what you want in professional and social situations. The authors include updated case studies—some pulled from the headlines—of how this technique has worked to create both good news...

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          A new look and a set of tools to help you figure out what's really going on to gain the upper hand in salary negotiation, move a prospective client toward the outcome you desire, find out why you need to end a business or personal relationship and even when to bluff or call a bluff. The authors teach you to understand why people lie and how you can catch them in the act. 263 Pgs. 2005

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          RED WHEEL REISER Item #: 1061 -

            Would you like to be able to check out someone quickly from head to toe and draw a precise conclusion about that person? This book will show you what to look for, what's relevant, how to analyze voluntary versus involuntary movements, how to factor in gender, context and culture and then how to draw a conclusion quickly. 287 Pgs. 2009

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            TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 1073 -

              Subtitled 'Essays on Holdem and General Concepts', this is a book on topics such as playing too many hands, self-weighting cold calls, short handed play, the strategic moment, and poker as therapy plus some thoughts about the effects of poker literature. Goes beyond strategy and into the realm of putting strategic concepts into action at the table. The author is a clinical psychologist who plays poker. 274 Pgs. 2000

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                A smoke-filled room. The clink of chips breaking the silence of furious concentration. The occasional muttering of "check," "raise," and "fold," as staggering amounts are wagered on a simple hand of five cards. In this edition, acclaimed writer A. Alvarez narrates the history of poker -- its most amazing stories, unforgettable players, and incredible hands. From the first great Las Vegas poker marathon, in which Nick the Greek played Johnny Moss for five months straight, to the more recent...

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                  Alvarez���s work is a fine, entertaining, educational read. He weaves the history of poker with his own experiences with the experiences of others, and ties it together with some wonderful pictures from life and the movies. Slick paper and four colors inside add to the beauty of this book while the text imparts wisdom of the masters and a biography of the author���s lifelong affair with poker. 127 Pgs. 2001Table of ContentsLearning to PlayThe American GameOrigins: From Gambling to...

                  POSITIVE POKER
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                  NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 3354 -

                    Subtitled "A Modern Psychological Approach to Mastering Your Mental Health". Why are the best poker players actually the best? Every serious poker player wants to be successful and many of them have the right technical skills. However, the truth is that there are key mental factors that separate the big winners from everyone else. Patricia Cardner is a psychology professor, licensed professional counselor and dedicated poker player. She interviewed a select group of professional poker players...

                    READ EM AND REAP
                    Price: $18.95
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                    Item #: 9780061198595 -

                      Navarro, a former FBI counter-intelligence officer specializing in nonverbal communication and behavior analysis, offers his knowledge and techniques, with illustrations and examples from poker pro Hellmuth to teach you how to decode your opponents nonverbal cues. Picking up where other books have left off, this book was written by a people reader, not a poker player, who has caught some serious tells given off by some of the worlds best poker experts. 240 pgs, paperback, 2006

                      THE BODY LANGUAGE HANDBOOK
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                      RED WHEEL REISER Item #: 1963 -

                        A unique aspect of this body language book is its use of comparison. Using real people in stress-free situations in photos, the authors show the same people responding to various stimuli. They also show the standards of body language, and then the adjustments to the body and face that represent deviations from those standards. Observing these changes helps you understand when youre being manipulated or being sent a disguised message, and teaches how to effectively use your own body language....

                        THE MENTAL GAME OF POKER 2
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                        INGRAM Item #: 2448 -

                          Subtitled "Proven Strategies for Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance and Playing in the Zone Consistently ". Imagine how dominant you would be if you consistently played poker in the zone. You make all the right decisions, know instinctively when to bluff, and are unfazed by a losing hand. You're locked in and feel unbeatable. It's shocking how many poker players stumble into this elusive state of mind. As quickly as that euphoric feeling of invincibility arrives, it's gone. And...

                          THE PSYCHOLOGY OF POKER
                          Price: $24.95
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                          TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 2120 -

                            Schoonmaker describes the role of personality factors, explaining why people play the way they do and how to adjust your strategies against them. The book is twofold: how to identify the psychological makeup of your opponents and take advantage of them, and identify your own psychological drawbacks, with ways to modify them. 329 Pgs. 2000

                            THINK LIKE A POKER PRO
                            Price: $34.95
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                            NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 2169 -

                              There is a great deal more to being a successful poker player than simply knowing how to play a good game. Playing good poker is largely a technical skill which can be learned. Being a consistently successful player is much harder and necessitates acquiring expertise in many other areas. This book will help plan a campaign in order to join the ranks of the consistently winning players. Byron Jacobs has been a successful online poker player for seven years. In this book he identifies precisely...

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                              RANDOM HOUSE Item #: 2195 -

                                Assumes the reader plays poker well and has a good understanding of standard ring game strategy. Explains EV (expected value); tournament theory; prize structure and how chips change value. Also covers adjusting strategy as stakes rise; observing short stacks; all-in strategy; the last-table down to two players, and more. Packed with quizzes, illustrations, along with questions and advice. 151 Pgs. 2005Table of ContentsThe Ten PrinciplesLaying PlansWaging WarAttack by StratagemTactical...

                                WHAT EVERYBODY IS SAYING: AN EX-FBI AGENTS GUIDE...
                                Availability: Available
                                Item #: 9780061438295 -

                                  Navarro originally teamed with Phil Hellmuth to produce the groundbreaking look at poker tells. Here he teams with psychologist/author Karlins to produce a body language book that covers myriad symbols portrayed by a person's movements. The book covers speed reading people, decoding sentiments and behaviors, avoiding hidden pitfalls and looking for deception. Also the ancient survival techniques that drive body language, why the face is the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings,...

                                  WHY YOU LOSE AT POKER
                                  Price: $19.95
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                                  CONJELCO Item #: 2311 -

                                    There is no magic key that unlocks the door to poker. You might be able to pinpoint a leak or two in your game, but you may be surprised to find that there are many more lurking under the surface. This book shows you the 16 most common errors in poker, and how to avoid them. You will learn the keys to finding the leaks in your game and plugging them for good. Stepping away from the table and watching others play incorrectly is the best path to understanding your own mistakes. You'll learn why...

                                    YOUR BEST POKER FRIEND Poker Tells, Poker Bluffs, Verbal Tells, Poker, Texas Holdem Stud
                                    Price: $15.95
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                                    Item #: 9780818407215 -

                                      Poker players who read Dr. Alan Schoonmaker's groundbreaking Your Worst Poker Enemy learned that many of their mistakes at the table were psychological, not strategic. Now he's taking his program even further to help you get the outstanding results you want--and deserve. Wait--So Who Is My Best Poker Friend? You are, of course! Dr. Schoonmaker can boost you to your true potential by helping you analyze your commitment, giving you a clear sense of where you want to go and teaching you...

                                      ZEN AND THE ART OF POKER
                                      Price: $15.00
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                                      RANDOM HOUSE Item #: 3116 -

                                        Inside the intriguing world of poker lies a fascinating exercise in strategy and extreme concentration--many of the same principles that underpin the one-thousand-year-old philosophy of Zen spirituality. Zen and the Art of Poker is the first book to apply Zen theories to America's most popular card game, presenting tips that readers can use to enhance their game. Among the more than one hundred rules that comprise this book, readers will learn to: Make peace with folding, Use inaction as a...