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    Covering limit and no-limit poker among its 10 chapters (illustrated), Burgess makes a valid point about Mike Caro's original book on the subject -- it was written before Hold'em became the hottest game, when draw poker or stud was popular. Plus, another generation or two of players have honed their camouflage skills behind sunglasses, hoods, funny eyeglasses and stone-cold stares to counter reads by opponents. This is a solid, easy read, cutting away to logic quickly and offering excellent examples of situations you're likely to encounter, while reviewing what some of the best players in the business have said about the value of tells. Includes specific in detailing what to look for among Oriental players, women, the elderly, those with jewelry or tattoos, plus what cues are exhibited by bad players. The book should help improve your own game, whether a beginner or hard core pro and to smooth out your own table etiquette while disguising your mode of play. 195 Pgs. 2006

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