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    Fifteen chapters outline the house odds, the history of keno, the best playing strategies, and taxes on keno winnings. Youll learn how to make all the bets including straight, split, way, combination, king and special tickets, and how best to use them in a coordinated winning strategy. Charts with bets, payoffs and strategies. 60 pgs, paperback, 1995

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      This is the fundamental explanation of Bingo.

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        In a thoroughly entertaining way, the longtime casino games instructor explains the game that lets you take a shot at winning up to $100,000. He explains payoffs, all odds, all ways, all combinations, plus all his favorite tickets.

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          Subtitled "Keno Patterns and Winning Numbers'. A collection of video keno jackpots with patterns and related winning jackpot numbers. Suitable for use in all keno games. 130 Pgs. 2016

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            Everybody wants to win the lottery but few people understand the huge burden that comes with winning, especially since lottery winnings are often paid in yearly installments rather than in full. Ugel was a salesman for a company that offered to buy peoples lottery winnings with a lump sum, often much less than face value but at a good investment for his company. Though he was a huge success at his job, he asked himself, if you're good at something that is bad for some people, does that make...

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              Now back in stock! New and improved. Subtitled 'The First and Only System That Shows Players How to Win at Video Keno, Backed Up With Winning Examples and Mathematical Analysis'.  Covers video keno games such as Four Card Keno, Multi-Card Keno, Cleopatra, and Cave Man Keno. Will teach about video keno vs. video poker, the truth about 'hold' percentages, playing on a limited budget and finding the best payout tables. 86 Pgs. Spiralbound 2013