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    Subtitled “No Bad Faves,” this DVD helps identify a post-time favorite who just won't run to all the hype. Yes, when the public goes way overboard on its choice and you know the horse has almost no chance of winning, you can bet any other horse in the race - or every horse other than the favorite - and make a great profit in the long-haul! The trick is to be able to quickly distinguish the legitimate favorites from the bogus ones. This fast-paced, informative and entertaining  presentation will show you the way. You'll learn 10 dynamite anti-favorite angles that will give you a new perspective on confidently dismissing the public choice. Going well beyond the tired-old cliches concerning bad favorites, it will introduce you to powerful techniques not mentioned anywhere else. Based on the latest research and findings by the Cynthia Publishing staff, these techniques include such devilishly clever concepts as the 'Downtime Downgrade,' 'No Rest, Same Test,' 'Bye-Bye Baby', 'Not-So-Solid State,' plus six more. A bonus 11th 'Extra for Experts' angle adds even more value to this outstanding handicapping video.

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