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    Using an iconic photo of the Hall of Fame's original inductees - including Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Honus Wagner and Connie Mack as his starting point, Jim Reisler explains the unusual origins of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In the process, Reisler delivers a history of not only the game’s early stars and the house built to honor them, but also the creation of the myth of baseball in America. With his trademark eye and ear for the spirit of the game’s golden age, Reisler explains that the...

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      Subtitled "Rankings of the Skills, The Achievments, and the Performance of the  Greatest Players of All Time" it is based on criteria including lifetime stats, player durability and consistency. Indexed 638 pages Paperbound 2008

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        Baseball has always had its share of colorful characters, and over the years they have expressed themselves in eminently quotable ways. In this treasury of more than 5,000 quotations, noted baseball writer and observer Paul Dickson has captured the flavor of the game, in the words of its most important participants and onlookers.They are all here—from Aaron (Estella, Hank's mother) to Zoldack ("Sad Sack" Sam), and everyone in between. From the players, sportswriters, and politicians, to noted...

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        Item #: 240 -

          This primer advises the novice on the fundamental rules and methods of play. Geared to the American wheel (36 numbers -  zero and double zero). 80 Pgs.1982 Preface Introduction The Object of The Game Two Fundamental Fractions Wagers And Payoffs Compound Wagers Multiple Wagers A Simple Formula Getting In And Out Of The Game Buying In And Cashing Out Meeting Uncertainty For The First Time The Concept Of Randomness A Question For Mathematicians Two Kinds Of Game A Simple Concept The Formula...

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          Item #: 279 -

            Good money management advice plus a simple card-counting method. For the absolute beginner but contains accurate information. A lot of information for the price. 16 Pgs. 1970

            BIG JULIE OF VEGAS
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            Item #: 331 -

              Julius (Big Julie) Weintraub, the colorful man who created junkets and refined them in the 1960's and 1970's, was a major character in Las Vegas history. This book tells you what casinos were like 20 years ago and who the characters, crazies and eccentrics were among the players and managers at the Dunes and the Golden Nugget. Details how the original junketeers operated and the people they attracted. 218 Pgs.1974

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                A 10th anniversary celebration of the 1996 Yankee season―the season that sparked a dynasty―teeming with revelations and glorious memories for baseball fans everywhere In the fall of 1995, the New York Yankees suffered a crushing game 5 defeat to the Seattle Mariners―ending their championship dreams. Remarkably, this loss and the end of Buck Showalter's role as manager would lead to one of the most respected team dynasties in sports history. Now veteran New York Post columnist Joel Sherman, who...

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                  Planning to attend a dealer's school? Want to learn what makes a good dealer? Or, if you just want to know what training a dealer must undergo, this book's for you. More than 40 illustrations, indexed with glossary. 78 Pgs.1982

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                    A unique look at the inner workings of a major league baseball team and how the Red Sox went from perennial losers to baseball's next dynasty. 299 Pgs. 2008 Hardcover

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                      This English book will teach points of the game not covered by American authors. It includes total defense, playing color, and different strategies in offense and defense. 134 Pgs. 1946

                      HUNTING FISH
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                        If you want to prove you're a good poker player, you don't have to battle against the best. Nobody really cares if you ever bluffed Phil Ivey or got Daniel Negreanu to make a bad call. You're at the table for the money, not stories of conquest. A disciplined player, one who's playing for the right reasons, would rather sit with the worst, those he's sure to outplay. He's looking for donkeys and donors. He's hunting fish. In Hunting Fish author Jay Greenspan sets out...

                        IS THIS A GREAT GAME OR WHAT?
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                        ST. MARTIN'S PRESS INC. (BAKER & TAYLOR) Item #: 1087 -

                          Kurkjian has covered major-league baseball for 25 years. This is a collection of mostly humorous anecdotes from the baseball beat, but the standout chapter is a serious examination of the element of fear in the game. He interviewed many players who have sustained serious injuries when hit by a ball. Some recover physically but not mentally. Others overcome the fear but can't compensate for permanently altered vision. He also includes a chapter on baseball's unsung heroes: the scouts, underpaid...

                          LAS VEGAS PARLAY & BETTING LINE TABLES
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                            ORIGINALLY $2.00 REDUCED TO $.50. The significant tabular and computational data used in obtaining payoffs in horse and sporting events betting, includes 'Odds Percentage Tables,' the four major sports lines, parlay calculations for all common situations -- or in layman's terms, how to bet combinations of exotics and what to expect in the payoff. 32 pages, paperbound. 1975.

                            MAFIA SON
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                            Item #: 9780312370244 -

                              As the son of a mobster, Scarpa was practically destined to go into the family business, although he never felt the thrill of murder and violence his father experienced. When federal investigators finally honed in on their corner of the Mafia world, 38-year-old Scarpa went to prison instead of his dying father. Just as Scarpa had inherited his Mafia position, he'd also inherited his father's relationship with federal agents. In exchange for information about Mob activity, Scarpa Sr.,...

                              MASTER KEY & RUN-UP SYSTEMS
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                              Item #: 1281 -

                                Two systems for card manipulation. Master Key deals with various card- marking schemes. Run-Up Systems is about cutting, shuffling, stacking. 56 pages Paperbound 1951 Reprinted

                                ROB NEYERS BIG BOOK OF BASEBALL LINEUPS
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                                Item #: 1688 -

                                  Subtitled "A Complete Guide to the Best, Worst, and Most Memorable Players to Ever Grace the Major Leagues". The title says it all: By compiling lists of players in a baseball "lineup" format, the author, an ESPN.com columnist, manages to catalog the game's all-time greats-and all-time bums. Appendix with year-by-year lineups. Indexed 340 Pgs. 2003

                                  SUCKER BET
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                                  Item #: 9780345461759 -

                                    In the world of gambling and sleight-of-hand, Jim Swain is considered one of the best. In the late 1980s, Swain was tipped off to a major scam which had taken place at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas. Fascinated both by the scam and by the casino's inability to capture the cheats, Swain began to research the shady and seldom-discussed world of casino cheating, and created the character of Tony Valentine. Valentine is a retired Atlantic City cop and a master hunter of casino cheats,...

                                    THE BROTHEL BIBLE
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                                    Item #: 404 -

                                      Previously thought to be out of print, this insider's guide to the always fascinating industry was written by a former prostitute who worked in a Nevada cat house. The book's eight revealing chapters describe exactly what you can expect in Nevada's legal brothels, and how they are arranged for the girls and their customers; why the girls work there; how customers can expect to be treated; the "menus of services;" a profile--with anecdotes about the usual and unusual customers; how much the...

                                      THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOOTBALL BETTING
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                                      Item #: 1992 -

                                        Two well-known handicappers share their insights and strategies into football handicapping. Moves from the basics (The Basic Elements of Football Betting; Can Football Bettors Really Win?) and proceeds to the factors that lead to picking a winner against the spread (A Checklist for Handicappers; The Grudge Game; A Look at Key Numbers). Details the Super Bowl and finishes with 10 Commandments of Football Handicapping and 10 Biggest Mistakes Football Bettors Make. Indexed 306 Pgs.1997

                                        THE COMPLETE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO POKER AND POKER PLAYING
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                                        Item #: 9780754817130 -

                                          A comprehensive, practical guide to the tricks and tactics of playing poker from beginner to more advanced play. Photographs Illustrations 256 Pgs. Hardbound 2007

                                          THE FUNNIEST BASEBALL BOOK EVER
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                                          Item #: 2014 -

                                            This compendium draws on a century of history and several hundred sources to lend the game a new, hilarious perspective. With over 90 percent of its material never before collected in a single volume, this is a book that will entertain and surprise casual fans and diehards, newcomers and veterans. 339 Pgs. 2010

                                            THE NEYER/JAMES GUIDE TO PITCHERS
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                                            Item #: 2090 -

                                              Pitchers, the pitches they throw, and how they throw them these days is the stuff of constant scrutiny, but there's never been anything like a comprehensive source for such information. For a dozen years, baseball analyst James and ESPN.com baseball columnist Neyer have been compiling the centerpiece of this book, the Pitcher Census, which lists specific information for nearly 2,000 pitchers throughout the history of professional baseball. 484 Pgs. 2004

                                              THE YANKEES FANATIC
                                              Price: $5.00
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                                              Item #: 3240 -

                                                Admirers of those perennial beasts of baseball, the New York Yankees, are more than just fans—they're FANATICS! They chant roll call with the Bleacher Creatures and bang Freddy Sez's pan in support for the Bronx Bombers. They know whose numbers have been retired and dream to the tune of Sinatra's "New York, New York." And now, for the first time, true fanatics can put their loyalty to the test with The Yankees Fanatic—a book so chock-full of stats, quotes and...

                                                TWICE AROUND THE BASES: THINKING FANS INSIDE LOOK BASEBALL
                                                Availability: Available
                                                Item #: 2224 -

                                                  Kevin Kennedy was a catcher and a coach in the minors, a farm director for the Montreal Expos, and a bench coach for Felipe Alou before moving on to manage the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. Now one of the sport's most respected analysts and commentators, he offers a fresh look at baseball from the viewpoint of a "lifer", capturing the intricacies of the professional game with a sharp analytical eye and unabashed candor. 262 Pgs. 2005