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    Jonathan Little, a highly successful poker professional who has won over $4 million in tournament play in just four years, explains exactly how to succeed in the highly competitive field of tournament poker. Tournament poker is a tough game to play but the rewards for success can be huge. Even regular online tournaments offer substantial prizes running to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Playing technically sound poker is crucial but this is far from the only skill necessary. It teaches the...

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        Sexton, commentator for the World Poker Tour, is also a consummate poker player and spokesman for the game, encouraging newcomers to play without being intimidated by those who have been at the game for a long time. In his book, he teaches the basics to beginners to help them move up to the winning strategies of top players. Covers no-limit hold'em strategies, online tourneys, and how to set up a home tournament. Indexed 197 Pgs. 2005 Table of Contents You Can Become a Winning Poker PlayerThe...

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        MIKE CARO MCU Item #: 1881 -

          First published in the 80's, Brunson's original Super System sold for $100 and since has become the most influential poker book ever written.This essential guide features winning strategies and professional secrets from the world’s best players including: Phil Helmuth, holder of the most world series championships ever; Daniel Negreanu, four-time bracelet winner; Johnny Chan, two-time World Champion and ten-time bracelet winner; the great Mike Caro, known as the “Mad Genius of Poker;” the...

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          MIKE CARO MCU Item #: 1882 -

            The original Super System by Doyle Brunson is the single most influential book ever written about the game of poker. Now, Super System 2 pushes the envelope further, expanding on the original with new games, new strategies, and new experts, including Crandell Addington, Lyle Berman, Johnny Chan, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu and Steve Zolotow. This is a brand new book-not an update. The book covers the essential strategies and advanced play on the most popular games played today - No Limit...

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            INGRAM Item #: 1887 -

              Swayne presents a new approach to analyzing playing styles and players. For serious players only, the book shows you how to make money at all limits, from 3/6 to no limit, cautioning that making money via tournament play will take longer. Outlines the determining factors for playing each limit, and builds from there. 422 Pgs. 2009

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                If you enjoy playing standard poker but are looking for something with a bit more strategy and a much higher potential, then Texas Hold��_��em may be just the thing for you. Texas Hold��_��em is currently more popular than ever and the detailed analysis available in Texas Hold��_��em: A Guide to Texas Hold��_��em for Beginners will provide you with everything you need to know to be backdooring a case card off the river in no time flat. The book discusses the history of Texas Hold��_��em and...

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                  Craig interviewed a golden dozen players: Big-time competitors Huck Seed, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Gavin Smith, Ted Forrest, David Grey, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, Rafe Furst, Richard Brodie and Keith Sexton for special insight into the world of high-stakes tournament poker. Chapters include No-limit play with topics such as the Theory of Leverage; Play Before the Flop; Play After the Flop; Big Stack Play; Short-Stack Play and Online Tournament Strategy. Also features...

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                  TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 2041 -

                    As poker theory develops, the field is becoming more abstruse and mathematical, gradually becoming less accessible to the layperson. 'The Intelligent Poker Player' by Newall aims to reverse this trend by presenting a cohesive and sophisticated method of play in plain English. This approach, in principle, can be used to analyze any form of poker, although this mainly shows applications in the popular forms of Limit and No-Limit Hold 'em. It is also the first book to discuss the emergent field...

                    THE MYTH OF POKER TALENT
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                      "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ��_��_��_ Thomas EdisoThe Myth of Poker Talent is a unique book and is the culmination of renowned poker trainer Alex Fitzgerald's work with over 1000 students over a 10 year period. Alex has discovered what makes a winning poker player and here's the good news. It has nothing to do with poker talent. If you want to excel at the game you'll need to buy this book, study Alex's method and work hard ��_��_��_ but you don't...

                      THE NO-LIMIT HOLDEM WORKBOOK
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                      Item #: 6904 -

                        Subtitled 'Exploiting Regulars". Self-made poker millionaires Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen and Tom "kingsofcards" Marchese will show you how to crush the regulars at your table with The NL Workbook. They will teach you advanced no-limit strategies that they used to win million of dollars from poker. Whether it is Heads-Up, Short-Handed, or Full-Ring, The NL Workbook has helped many professional poker players improve their winrate and swollen their bankrolls. Many readers can attest to this fact.You...

                        THE STATISTICS OF POKER
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                        Steve Selbrede Item #: 3281 -

                          Subtitled " Data Mining Statistics Applied to Small Stakes No Limit Hold'em". “The Statistics of Poker” analyzes two million hand histories to identify the most profitable online No Limit Hold'em poker strategies. These “optimal” strategies are verified for stakes between NL10 ($0.05/$0.10) and NL200 ($1.00/$2.00) full ring online games. Despite the title, this book is not really a mathematics book, though it is certainly statistical behind the curtain. It assumes that the reader is already...

                          THE THEORY OF POKER APPLIED TO NO-LIMIT
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                            The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky has long been recognized as the foundational book for all of poker no matter what the game, and at the time of this writing is still the best selling book in poker. But that book, while applicable to many aspects of no limit and pot limit poker was originally written mainly with limit games in mind. Now, the most popular form of poker is no-limit hold em. As a result, David felt it was time to write a new book that would methodically address each of the...

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                            Item #: 3110 -

                              All of the secrets exposed! This book illustrates the strategies used to win the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament in 2007. It is like a treasure map to the final table. Look at what's inside: 39 graphs or tables that illustrate the strategies used to win the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament in 2007; precise analysis of the illustrations presented; explanation of playing position; choosing your starting hands; pot odds and implied pot odds; why you should defend your blinds and why you should...

                              WINNING POKER TOURNAMENTS ONE HAND AT A TIME VOL. 2
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                              DIMAT ENTERPRISES, INC. Item #: 2353 -

                                You're in the money...Now what? You've put in the time, you've built up your stack, and now, at last you're inching ever closer to serious tournament payoffs. At this stage, playing smart is more crucial than ever, and who better to give you the edge than three of modern poker's greatest tournament pros? They'll take you from the bubble to the final! Volume 1 of this series shed new light on dominating the early stages of tournaments, and now in, Volume 2, Pearljammer, Apestyles, and Rizen-...

                                WINNING POKER TOURNAMENTS ONE HAND AT A TIME VOL. 3
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                                DIMAT ENTERPRISES, INC. Item #: 3111 -

                                  Want to win poker tournaments? Now you can learn exactly how consistent winners really do it. Volume 1 of this series shed new light on the fundamentals of early tournament play. Volume 2 showed you how to get from the money down to the final table. Now, Pearljammer, Apestyles and Rizen - players whose collective stats include more than 2,000 final tables made, over 300 major wins, and more than $10,000,000 in cashes - return in Volume III to analyze 50 new hands from major online tournaments....

                                  WINNING STRATEGIES FOR NO-LIMIT HOLDEM
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                                  CONJELCO Item #: 2363 -

                                    Two talented players discuss in depth the critically important aspects of Hold’em other authors generally gloss over. They attempt to improve your understanding of the game by focusing on a few key elements such as: The importance of planning ahead; when and why to switch between an optimal and exploitative strategy; understanding the differences between deep-stacked and short-stacked play; and a comprehensive exam of bet sizing. 200 Pgs. 2008 Table of Contents BasicsTwo GamesEvery Hand Tells...