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    Subtitled "The Pros Approach to Beating Blackjack". The game of 21 has changed over the last 50 years in the casinos’ attempt to discourage card counters, but blackjack remains beatable for those who are focused, steadfast, and willing to do what it takes in order to play to win. Author Colin Jones leads the way for those interested in beating today’s game. Before the explosion of casino gambling in the 1990s, card counters were limited in the number of places they could play. They tended to...

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      A noted player/analysts powerful book on the controversial subject of shuffle trackinga highly advanced discipline at which most blackjack professionals have been unable to make money. Incorporates early information from the Blackjack Forum findings (1994), adding techniques never before disclosed. Includes practice and testing methods for learning shuffle tracking, systems for analyzing and comparing profit potential of various shuffles, and why shuffle tracking is below casino radar. 114...

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        This is much more than a player's book. It is an excellent look into surveillance and how card counters try to survive it, making it a valuable tool for surveillance employees. The first part covers what goes on in the surveillance room and the equipment used. The second part enumerates ways to avoid being tagged and barred. Provides copious info for counters to get a longer stay at the tables. 88 pgs, 2002 (No returns on this item.) Feared By Everyone: Why Casinos Need Surveillance The...

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          For the serious player who can handle college-level math, Griffins classic includes definition and analysis of basic strategy, approximating bet and strategy variation, single parameter counting systems, multi-parameter counting systems, the importance of grouping cards, insurance, distribution of probability, likely consequences of errors in counting systems, and betting gain in two-four decks. This is one of the most important books on blackjack with charts, tables and formulae for almost...

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            In the game of blackjack, the better you understand the odds, the better your chances of winning. This book explains the odds, where the casino dealer has the advantage and where he can beat you. It also explains a strategy to increase your odds of winning. The author, Roger LeBlanc, is a seasoned blackjack player with many years of experience. 124 Pgs. 2015

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              This book contains "One Third of a Shoe" as well as "How You Can Win at Blackjack in Atlantic City and Nevada". This is a fascinating read for those who dream of being counters or who want to relive the adventures of a gaming legend. The book contains two parts, Part 1 - The Adventure, which outlines team formations, conflicts with gaming management, enforcement personnel and his winnings & losses. Part Two - Instruction, deals with strategies when playing in Vegas, Atlantic City, Northern...