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    Turner, a sleight-of hand artist, specializes in gambling techniques. His original effort was a two-volume video set designed to protect the novice from being cheated in poker, later transferred to DVD. Features both videos plus additional bonus features where he performs his entire gambling act and a 13-minute biography. Turner demonstrates more than 200 gambling sleight-of-hand techniques such as: 18 ways of false shuffling and false cutting, stacking the deck using overhand shuffles, riffle...

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      Designed to protect the novice from being cheated in poker and presented by expert Richard Turner, a nationally acclaimed expert on closeup sleights and cheating , this work here offers more than 100 techniques used by both amateur and professional cheaters. Many of these have never been revealed to the public before. Coverage include examples of false shuffles, false riffle shuffles, nullifying the cut, partial shifts, crimps and bridges, and palming. Also: stacking the deck, switches and...

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        Russell focuses on more than two dozen areas of responsibility, including customer courtesy, general conduct, opening the table and counting the bankroll, making change, cheque cutting, marking cheque values, spinning the ball, when the ball drops, after the ball drops, payoff procedures, minimum and maximum bets, cheque rackers responsibilities, currency bets, game protection, conversions, closing games, fills, credits, markers, courtesy call bets, marker redemption and tokes. 49 pgs,...

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          Thirty sections cover basic play, equipment, game terminology, wagers, general rules and procedures. Handling checks; buy-in procedure; cashing out; dealing and payoffs. On the intermediate level, he instructs pushing anywhere from one to nine stacks, payoffs. On an advanced level, he shows how to properly handle straight up keys; split payoffs, converting wheel checks, casino credit rules, fills and credits. 163 pgs, paperback, 1994

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            This is a self paced at-home dealer training DVD designed to prepare you for a career in casino dealing. The DVD comes with an instruction manual on how to get the most out of the course, general dealer procedures, general casino procedures, how to play the game itself and a glossary. The DVDs include the mechanics and layout of the table, handling the chips, dealing the game, paying winners, removing losing bets, opening a game, tips, and tricks of the trade. The course was designed by top...

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              In 1991 the Soviet Union ceased to exist as a major player in the world and Russia's gates flew open. Foreign products, services, people and ideas began pouring in. Old systems started collapsing; new systems started to appear. The new economy continues to develop in Russia and opportunities for the adventurous foreign businessperson-including casino people-abound. This is a guide through the maze of Russian capitalism. Includes information about Russian work attitudes, women in business, the...

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                On this 5 CD set, Danny Meyer chronicles his business life that started when he was 27 and he founded Union Square Cafe. Meyer went from starting that business to now being the CEO of his own spectacular restaurants that include 11 establishments, each at the top of the game. Meyer shares recipes, and what he calls 'Enlightened Hospitality' his own idea of doing business. More importantly for those interested in hospitality and serving people, he teaches how to set your priorities to run a...

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                  A huge resource for surveillance personnel, this manual explains the duties of the employee, the equipment used, the procedures for logs and records, use of video equipment, detection and covers all the table games. Also includes information about bomb threats, court documentation and evidence, cheating and more. 186 Pages Paperbound 2011

                  TABLE GAMES MANAGEMENT
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                    Whose responsibility is it to order more chips when a table game is running short? Who should check the dice when they return to make sure they have not been changed or altered? What are the factors that affect hold, including service issues and casino climate? This book answers these and many more questions and discusses the various Nevada Revised Statutes regarding asset protection (avoiding cheaters), with examples of laws that reference card switching, bet switching, bet capping, bet...

                    THE BIG GAMBLE
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                    Item #: 9780275977504 -

                      Von Herrmann examines the politics of state and federal gambling policy, particularly policies relating to casinos and state lotteries. She considers gambling policy from a variety of perspectives, including the politics of adoption, the state and federal governments' role in policy formation and implementation and the broad economic and social impact questions related to gambling. The inclusion of several state case studies provides insight into the largely successful reshaping of...

                      THE CASINO INDUSTRY LEXICON
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                        'The Casino Industry Lexicon' has over three hundred and seventy-five words every casino guest should know. Learn the insider language of the casino world and be in command of your gaming experience. Each word is concisely defined and expanded with valuable insightful information. The knowledge one will gain can be used to save money, settle disputes and give you the upper hand against the casinos. The authors have close to sixty years of combined experience on the casino gaming floor...

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                          An excellent guide in five solid chapters that cover: Understanding Important Formulas and Definitions in Gaming (including The Drop, House Advantage, Expected Win from Individual Players, Win or Loss, The Hold, Long-Term Hold and Expected Hold, Expected Win. He follows with Management Strategies for Casino Craps; Understanding Key Concepts in Gambling (Significance of the House Advantage; Accounting for Irregularities in the Hold; Adjusting the House Advantage to Maximize Profitability); and...

                          THE CASINOS MOST VALUABLE CHIP
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                            From the days of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, when high-tech meant bright pink neon signs, through today's latest digital technology, this book reviews how technology played a crucial role in the shaping of the gaming industry and the modern casino. From security to marketing, technology has greatly impacted the evolution of the gaming industry and how casinos conduct business. Gone are the days of free casino chips for patrons handed out by well-dressed pit bosses - they have been...

                            THE ESSENTIALS OF CASINO GAME DESIGN
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                            Item #: 7611 -

                              Subtitled "From Cocktail Napkin to the Casino Floor". The Essentials of Casino Game Design is a handbook for aspiring or practicing game designers. It explains, in detail, the techniques of designing a casino game that actually works. The author, Dan Lubin, is an experienced game designer. He not only succeeded as an independent, with EZ Pai Gow and Double Blackjack, to name only a couple, but also worked as a table-games designer and manager for big gaming corporations, including Galaxy...

                              THE EYE IN THE SKY
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                                Subtitled 'A Casino Surveillance Reference for Management, Directors and other Casino Executives and Personnel', this 28-chapter work contains material on the director, overages and shortages, e-files on employees, understanding rating cards and comps, table game summaries and reports, gaming equipment (as a part of gaming protection), paper trails, computer security and management information systems, slots and the methods cheaters use on them, cheats and scams in relation to various games...

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                                Item #: 9780471129271 -

                                  For anyone interested in pursuing or advancing a career in the gaming industry this is an ideal reference. It covers historical background and regulatory aspects of gaming; explores all facets of casino operations and examines the math and technology of casino operations. 270 Pgs. 1996 hardcover

                                  THE MATH OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT
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                                    Browne breaks down the process of player development and covers all the bases from investing money to evaluating a player's worth to figuring out how much to spend on player reinvestment to player profitability to advantage play, to measurements and to the math of player utilization and response. Even if people do show up on opening day, it takes concentrated effort to bring them back. 32 pgs, spiralbound, 2006. No returns on this item.

                                    THE NEW POLITICS OF INDIAN GAMING
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                                    Item #: 9780874178425 -

                                      The advent of gaming on Indian reservations has created a new kind of tribal politics over the past three decades. Now armed with often substantial financial resources, Indigenous peoples have adjusted their political strategies from a focus on the judicial system and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to one that directly lobbies state and federal governments and non-Indigenous voters. These tactics allow tribes to play an influential role in shaping state and national policies that affect...

                                      USED GAMBLERS HANDBOOK
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                                      NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 1621 -

                                        This book was written by a confessed cheat who says he wrote it for everyone who has been cheated at one time or another and for those who wish not to be cheated. Murphy claims 40 years experience in backroom, bar room, street and organized gambling. Chapters cover: How Casinos are Operated; How to Cheat with Cards, Slot Machines, Craps, Carnival Games, plus street cons and staying ahead of the IRS. 143 Pgs. 1997

                                        THE PROFESSIONAL POKER DEALERS HANDBOOK
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                                        Item #: 9781880685471 -

                                          Dealing poker is one of those occupations that looks easy when it is performed by a top-quality employee, and with effort, you or your staff can achieve this status. This text should help build and reinforce the skills necessary to perform the job well and to help establish a standard throughout the industry. 288 Pages Paperbound 2009

                                          TIPS: THE SERVERS GUIDE TO BRINGING HOME THE BACON
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                                          Item #: 9780971509801 -

                                            Helpful information for every restaurant uniform, this book features the results of a national survey of restaurant patrons designed as a self-help resource written from the customer's point of view. Focus is on helping the restaurant employee improve his bottom line by catering to the person who contributes to it. 212 pages, paperbound, 2005.

                                            TRADE LIKE A CASINO: FIND YOUR EDGE MANAGE RISK AND WIN LIKE THE HOUSE
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                                            Item #: 9780470933091 -

                                              While trading is a difficult endeavor, it's still possible to make money doing so in today's markets. The real question is: How can you achieve this goal? What is required is adapting a successful existing business model to this speculative arena. The model that makes most sense is the "casino paradigm" and nobody understands it better than author Richard Weissman - a professional trader with over fifteen years of experience consulting and training traders and risk managers. And now, with...

                                              WINNER TAKES ALL: WYNN, KERKORIAN & RACE TO OWN LAS VEGAS
                                              Price: $25.95
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                                              HACHETTE BOOK GROUP Item #: 2321 -

                                                Sin City. Bright lights, high stakes, and no sleep. Home to some of the world's grandest, flashiest, and most lucrative casino resorts, Las Vegas, with its multitude of attractions, draws some forty million tourists from around the world every year. But Vegas hasn't always been booming at the level it is today. This newest influx is largely a result of three competing business moguls. Meet Kirk Kerkorian, Steve Wynn, and Dr. Gary Loveman, men who couldn't be more different from one another,...

                                                WITHOUT RESERVATION
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                                                Item #: 9780060931964 -

                                                  The Pequot Indians of Connecticut are in the highest IRS income bracket. How did this small tribe with little more than a 200-acre reservation and a trailer reinvent itself in the course of three decades to expand to more than 2,000 acres and become the home of Foxwoods Casino? This book tells it all, starting with the grand ambitions of two menan unemployed, charming outsider who failed as a preacher, and a fresh-out-of-law school do-gooder who will help impoverished Indian tribes. The story...