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Item #: 1166 -

    Cute collection of cartoons about situations and absurdities at the track and in casinos. Worth a few chuckles to relieve the tensions of play. 64 Pgs.1975

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    Item #: 894143001495 -

      Allan Ackerman is a true card expert. In addition to being one of the most respected card men in the world he has created many original routines and techniques that are in common use. This double length DVD combines his two previously released videos -  The Las Vegas Card Expert and Every Move a Move, where he performs, demonstrates and explains many of his best creations. Allan also reminisces about Edward Marlo and gives his insight and advice on sleight-of-hand. Routines performed and...

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      Item #: 616043916798 -

        A sleight of hand and casino surveillance expert shows step-by-step methods for various card-sharp moves often used in private and home games but also sometimes attempted by casino dealers. Some of the deck-stacking moves he shows are the cold deck set-up, the hay maker, and the four card stack. 2008

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        Item #: 1206 -

          Fourteen card tricks from Marlo: Count Down Flourish; Age-Old Card Control; Imitation of Scarne; One Hand Reverse; Handling Improved; Third Rosini; Aces in Reverse; Hotel Mystery; Aces Disregarded; Nu Presentation; Flying Reverse; Psychological Out; Blindfold Poker Deal; and Gardner Marlo Poker Routine. 32 pgs, paperback, 1942

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          Item #: 646 -

            Lying is a normal part of human communication and is sometimes necessary to protect someone��_��s feelings, but there are also malicious lies meant to deceive, cheat, and defraud. You can��_��t always rely on what comes out of someone��_��s mouth. It doesn��_��t take mind reading superpowers to be able to tell when someone is lying��_��_��_but it does take special skills and a little practice. In Lie Detecting 101, international expert in undercover operations Dr. David Craig provides readers...

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            DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1253 -

              Like theatrical presentations, conjuring is an art of illusion. A magician skilled in the craft is able to convince an audience that he or she can read minds, communicate with the spirit world, make objects appear or disappear, and perform other acts of seemingly genuine magic. Without having mastered the art of presentation or “showmanship,” however, even the most competent sleight-of-hand artist can fall short in performance. With this in mind, noted authority Henning Nelms goes beyond the...

              MAGIC IN THEORY
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              Item #: 616043914268 -

                There is more to magic than the specific secret that lies behind the specific trick. Psychology is central to the art of deception, and magicians recognize that an understanding of the psychology of magic is an important part of being a good magician. This book presents the theoretical and psychological elements of magic in a way that is accessible to a non-technical readership. It will provide magicians with a better understanding of the part psychology can play in developing their skills....

                MAGIC TRICKS & CARD TRICKS
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                DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1256 -

                  Includes impromptu deceptions like Coin Through the Hand, Flying Dime, Down your Sleeve, Counting Chalk, Bill in the Egg. 35 magic tricks in all. 40 card tricks include card in the pocket, 13 principle, eight kings and others, along with methods of false shuffling, palming, gliding, preparing the cards. 94 Pgs.1954

                  MAGICIANS MAGIC
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                  DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1259 -

                    Curry incorporated thoroughly engrossing material with a style that was truly elegant. This book by a "magician's magician" discloses the secrets behind a collection of close-up marvels - including the author's "Out of the World," reputed to be the best card trick of the past century. Illustrations Index 269 Pgs.1965

                    MARKED CARDS
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                    Item #: 616043914305 -

                      You can mystify people with your magic ability with this deck of cards. Perform mind-defying feats with little practice as you  read the back of every card. Once the wrapper is removed, no one will know these cards are marked. Easy to read instructions are included.

                      MARLO MEETS HIS MATCH
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                      MAGIC, INC. Item #: 9413 -

                        Nothing complicated-just good commercial tricks in which the plot is that the magician and the spectator select matching cards from different decks. A dozen or more ways of doing it, all very Marlo. Illustrated 32 Pgs. 1981

                        MARLO ON ERDNASE
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                        MUNARI AUCTIONS Item #: 9408 -

                          Subtitled 'Annotation and Marginalia on Expert at the Card Table. Why are magicians and gamblers still interested in Expert at the Card Table? Why has this book attracted more attention today than when initially published? There may be as many answers as there are questions regarding this book. One of the most important books ever written on the subject(s) of card magic and cheating with cards. Illustrations 248 Pgs. 2007

                          MASTER KEY & RUN-UP SYSTEMS
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                          Item #: 1281 -

                            Two systems for card manipulation. Master Key deals with various card- marking schemes. Run-Up Systems is about cutting, shuffling, stacking. 56 pages Paperbound 1951 Reprinted

                            MEIR YEDIDS CARD ANIMATIONS
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                            GAMBLING INCORPRATED Item #: 2435 -

                              Meir Yedid was the first person to win the Society Of American Magician’s Close-Up Magic Championship more than once. He was also awarded the Society’s rarely presented Originality Medal. Meir has spent the last 30 years touring throughout the world performing and teaching his brand of creative magic. This book features Meir's offbeat magic where he uses ordinary playing cards in extraordinary ways. All of these routines are visual, quirky and very memorable. Routines Include: Demolition: A...

                              MIRACLE CARD CHANGES
                              Price: $7.50
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                              Item #: 616043914541 -

                                Step by step instruction on hw to make one card appear, disappear, and seem to be another card. 24 pgs, paperback, 1954

                                MODERN COIN MAGIC
                                Price: $12.95
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                                Item #: 1314 -

                                  Originally published in 1952, this edition contains four new chapters. Includes many illustrations for hundreds of coin sleights and tricks. 358 pgs, paperback, 1982

                                  MULTIPLE SHIFT
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                                  Item #: 616043914558 -

                                    Practical methods of shifting cards. 59 pgs, paperback, 1961

                                    ODD TRICKS
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                                    Item #: 616043914565 -

                                      This classic, first published in 1934, was ahead of its time. It's a book about card sense, written for people who play an average or better game of bridge. The hands (each illustrated) are practical problems in situations that actually occurred, somewhat like a law student's casebook. 141 Pgs. 1978

                                      OFF THE TOP
                                      Price: $9.95
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                                      MAGIC, INC. Item #: 1389 -

                                        Contains ten sleights action palm, action bottom palm, ripple speller replacement, one hand palm, Marlo's false shuffle and cut, the cook's sleight, one hand double turnover, drop sleight, secret reverse, card adding. Also 15 effects three card monte addition, between discovery, card to pocket surprise, rub away, rub away magazine, triple routine, night club routine, quickie transpo, surprise reverse, surprise again, what to do, four ace reverse, perplexo aces, lightning aces, and ace...

                                        RICH UNCLE FROM FIJI
                                        Price: $2.95
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                                        Item #: 616043917061 -

                                          A true classic, the title refers to the introduction one con man uses to deceive a 'mark,' while setting him up for a bunco scheme. 'The Rich Uncles will be with us until the end of time, because the confidence man thrives on human weakness - the fact that every person is possessed with a desire to obtain something for nothing, or bet on a certainty,' the author says. 64 pages, paperbound, 1911

                                          ROUGH STUFF
                                          Price: $4.00
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                                          Item #: 616043914589 -

                                            Uncovers the techniques for performing: Card Matchum; Rasputin Deck; Mentaldini; Aldini's Deck Press; Socrates Deck; Deckmaster; Nostradamus Deck; How to Use Roughing Fluid; List of Rough and Smooth Decks. 23 pgs, paperback, 1956

                                            SCARNE ON CARD TRICKS
                                            Price: $14.95
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                                            DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1723 -

                                              155 of Scarne's professional card tricks, none of which require sleight of hand dexterity, are presented in detail. Instructions and diagrams include Blackstone's Card Trick Without Cards, Houdini's Card on the Ceiling, Carlyle's Piano Card Trick, Milton Berle's Quickie Card Deal, Scarne's own Drunken Poker Deal, Knockout Card Trick, and more. 308 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                              SELF-WORKING CLOSE-UP CARD: 56 FOOLPROOF TRICKS
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                                              DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1758 -

                                                For the beginner or veteran, this book shows some excellent show openers to get the audience's attention, including memory tricks, gambling tricks, gimmicks. Simple instructions and carefully drawn illustrations lead the reader from start to finish without requiring long practice sessions or much dexterity. 120 Pgs. 2003

                                                SELF-WORKING COIN MAGIC
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                                                DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1759 -

                                                  Clearly worded instructions and 251 illustrations show beginner or veteran conjurers how to pluck a seemingly endless number of coins from the air, make a coin penetrate a tabletop, and perform psychic tricks with coins and bills. Tricks include 'printing' a $5 bill on a blank sheet of paper, exposing shortchange artists, metal bending, tower of nickels, balancing act, through the ring, immovable object, sealed box mystery and others. No experience necessary to perform these tricks and most...

                                                  SHARPS AND FLATS
                                                  Price: $6.95
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                                                  Item #: 1772 -

                                                    The Sharps are the cheaters and the Flats are the cheatees. This from London of 1894. The subtitle says it all: A Complete Revelation of the Secrets of Cheating at Games of Chance and Skill. A sample of the contents shows the importance of this long-unobtainable classic: Marked Cards, Reflectors, Holdouts, Manipulation, Collusion, Conspiracy, Dice, Poker and Roulette. Includes major sections on the game of faro, including rules and layout. 335 Pgs.1983

                                                    SIDE STEAL
                                                    Price: $9.98
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 616043914596 -

                                                      With 100 illustrations, Marlo explains 36 possibilities and variations of the side steal sleight. 61 pgs, paperback, 1957

                                                      SLEIGHT OF HAND
                                                      Price: $18.95
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1793 -

                                                        Let's say you are at a dinner party and are invited to perform a trick. You have no apparatus on you, nothing prepared. In an absent manner, you place a glass of sherry to your lips, as though bracing yourself for the fray. The glass is half emptied (be careful about this), when a sudden movement is made as though you threw it up to the ceiling; but nothing is seen to ascend, though the glass, with the wine in it, has disappeared. After a short pause, to allow the general astonishment to take...

                                                        STACK ATTACK
                                                        Price: $20.00
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 616043914602 -

                                                          One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of an experienced card worker is the pre-arranged or stacked deck. Some of the most amazing feats in card magic make use of some form of deck pre-arrangement. This book shows different aspects of the handling of stacked decks. 43 pgs, paperback, 1998

                                                          THE ART OF BARTER
                                                          Price: $12.95
                                                          Availability: Available
                                                          SIMON & SCHUSTER Item #: 1937 -

                                                            Learn how to barter - today's best currency - in this comprehensive, up-to-date guide. Just because you don't have cash doesn't mean you don't want and need things. According to authors and business gurus Hoffman and Dalin, it's time to get a little creative. Most people have a skill they can us - its just a matter of figuring out what that is and how to use it to get something else. From piano lessons in exchange for haircuts to an engine tune-up in exchange for house painting, 'The Art of...

                                                            THE ART OF DECEPTION: AN INTRODUCTION TO CRITICAL THINKING
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 1938 -

                                                              This revised version of a 1971 book is subtitled, 'An Introduction to Critical Thinking.' Its main thrust is to teach the reader how to win arguments, defend their cases, recognize fallacies, see through deception, persuade skeptics, and turn defeat into victory. Several

                                                              THE ART OF MAGIC
                                                              Price: $9.95
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 4512 -

                                                                Indispensable book for magicians, containing many methods and sleights not found in other standard books. 68 illustrations. 348 Pgs. 1980

                                                                THE ART OF THE STEAL
                                                                Price: $17.00
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                PENGUINRANDOMHOUSE Item #: 3269 -

                                                                  In 'Catch Me if You Can', Frank W. Abagnale recounted his youthful career as a master imposter and forger. In 'The Art of the Steal', Abagnale tells the remarkable story of how he parlayed his knowledge of cons and scams into a successful career as a consultant on preventing financial foul play - while showing you how to identify and outsmart perpetrators of fraud. Technology may have made it easier to track down criminals, but cyberspace has spawned a skyrocketing number of ways to commit...

                                                                  THE EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE
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                                                                  MUNARI AUCTIONS Item #: 9410 -

                                                                    This, The Expert at the Card Table is a classic treatise on card manipulation and magic was published in 1902 by S.W Erdnase, a pseudonymous author, whose true identity has been a long, much discussed mystery. For over a century, The Expert At The Card Table has been regarded by many magicians and card enthusiast as a 'how to' for performing sleights tricks, such as false riffling and cutting, dealing from the bottom, "skinning the hand" and more. The booklets, consisting of 218 pages and...

                                                                    THE EXPERTS AT THE CARD TABLE
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    MAGICANA Item #: 10640 -

                                                                      Subtitled "A Treatise On The Science and Art of Manipulating Playing Cards". The Experts at the Card Table is a new interpretation of the seminal work on card cheating, Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table, self-published originally by an S. W. Erdnase, in Chicago in 1902. Here, Ben offers a fresh and new perspective on what he describes as “The Erdnase System for Advantage Play” – that is, an approach for cheating at card play. Ben has reformulated Erdnase’s original prose for...

                                                                      THE INVISIBLE DECK AND OTHER CARD TRICKS
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      MAGIC, INC. Item #: 9414 -

                                                                        Over a dozen strictly impromptu tricks you will enjoy using. Many have pattern included. Illustrated 24 Pgs. 1993

                                                                        THE LIFES AND MANY DEATHS OF HARRY HOUDINI
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        PENGUINRANDOMHOUSE Item #: 4517 -

                                                                          For many performers, stage life and real life are separate identities. For master illusionist Harry Houdini, the two were inextricably linked. In this widely acclaimed biography, Ruth Brandon shows how Houdini’s obsession with his own mortality drove him to create death-defying stunts that not only captivated the public but also subdued his own raging psychological demons. As Brandon relates Houdini’s methods of escape, she asks: What was he trying to escape from? Her exploration of the...