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    Second to that magic engagement that spanned Oct. 17 and 18, 2004, is Sunday, Oct. 12, 1986, best remembered for Dave Henderson's home run and sacrifice fly against the Angels that saved the Red Sox from extinction in the ALCS, propelling them toward Oct. 25, 1986, the sixth greatest contest. The games, which range from 1903 to 2004, are described and reflected upon, as well as being highly debatable. 238 pgs, paperback, 2006

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    Item #: 9781840728002 -

      Is your off-field knowledge of the great game as sound as your batting averages and pinch hits? Do you know how many baseball players have been buried in their uniforms or the number of home plate marriages that have been performed? Can you name the only three foot player to ever walk in a baseball game? Youll find the answers to these and much, much more in this book. So, brush up on your baseball trivia and relive some of the sports greatest moments and indulge in more than 200 pages of...

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        A Canadian physician who bets sports and writes about it, Hogben covers football, baseball and basketball handicapping. Strong sections on money management, shopping for prices, understanding value, and looking for a positive expectation. Covers betting the colleges and evaluating team personnel; defining offenses and defenses; categorizing teams by tiers and evaluating team goals. Discusses power ratings; why smart teams cover; the importance of defense; the role of offensive rebounding;...

        THE BIG BAM
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        Item #: 9780767919715 -

          He was the Sultan of Swat. The Caliph of Clout. The Wizard of Whack. The Bambino. And, simply, to his teammates, The Big Bam. From the award-winning author of the New York Times bestseller "Ted Williams" comes the thoroughly original, definitively ambitious, and exhilaratingly colorful biography of the largest legend ever to loom in baseball - and in the history of organized sports. For eighty-five years, Babe Ruth has remained baseball's reigning titan. But who was this large,...

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          Item #: 9780739326411 -

            Babe Ruth was more than baseball's original superstar. For eighty-five years, he has remained the sport's reigning titan. But who was this large, loud, enigmatic man? And why is so little known about his childhood, his private life, and his inner thoughts? In The Big Bam, Montville brings his trademark touch to this groundbreaking, revelatory portrait of the Babe. 641 pages Hardbound 2006

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            Item #: 9780312368388 -

              When Bill Belichick took over as coach of the famously inconsistent New England Patriots in 2000 and quickly turned them into what Boston Globe sportswriter Price terms the unlikeliest dynasty in the history of the NFL, the coach's low-key recipe for success was bound to be anatomized within an inch of its life. Fortunately, Price's account of the team's elegantly simple transformation from league laughingstock (his stories of their 1970s foibles are legion and hilarious, to nonfans at least)...

              THE BOOK ON BOOKIES
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              PALADIN ENTERPRISES Item #: 1967 -

                This book looks at gambling basics for the first 60 pages (examining what the player is up against in wagering on all major sports (along with boxing, NASCAR, soccer, horse racing, and golf) plus the various bets, including parlays, teasers, totals, and futures. The author next describes how to Set Up Shop as a legal or illegal bet-taker, including what you need to know about location, phones, supplies, hiring office clerks, getting customers and office hours. The book describes how to tape...

                THE CARD
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                Item #: 9780061123924 -

                  Every field of collecting has its ultimate prize, the discovery that collectors dream of and covet and for which they will pay top price without blinking. In baseball, it is the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card, which was a collectible even before the baseball card collection craze took off. This is the story of that card, how it initially sold for $25,000 and eventually for $1.27 million on Ebaya story of riches gained and friendships lost, and about a player whose card has become more famous than...

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                  Item #: 1987 -

                    A statistical guru, Bravenec has been picking college football winners since 1994. He explains in plain English how he uncovers statistical mismatches that lead to high-percentage point spread winners. He teaches how to use published statistics to pick teams to bet on each week; what games to avoid entirely; and which types of bets to make and which to avoid. He gives his views on money management and betting units, and his analysis behind every pick made last season with a recap of the...

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                    Item #: 9780618595006 -

                      The definitive narrative history of the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs have won the hearts of generations of fans, even if they haven’t always won those pivotal games. They were America’s most successful baseball club at the turn of the twentieth century, but by the turn of the twenty-first, things had changed. The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, and the last time they clinched the National League Pennant was in 1945. Yet the Cubs have some of the most devoted fans in...

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                      Item #: 9780618213559 -

                        Dodgers. The word conjures different things to different people, but its distinction — and notoriety — is universal. In the annals of baseball, the history of few other teams can compare to the rich legacy of the Dodgers. Their constituency includes fans from Bensonhurst to Burbank. Their colorful past — “dem bums,” Jackie Robinson and the boys of summer, Walter O’Malley, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, “bleeding Dodger blue” — has enlivened...

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                        Item #: 9780715322062 -

                          A quick and easy-to-use guide with all the answers likely to crop up on and around the golf course. In addition to the rules of the game to settle disputes, the book includes tournament formats, etiquette, and golf gambling games and side bets. 160 pgs, paperback, 2005

                          THE GOLF MAGAZINE GOLFERS HANDBOOK
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                          Item #: 616043915319 -

                            Complete with helpful photos and sidebars, this handbook is indispensable reading for both the novice and expert golfer, and is sure to take strokes off your game. Includes pre-swing, full-swing, short game, putting, chipping, and other topics. 160 pages Paperbound 2000

                            THE JOY OF KEEPING SCORE
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                            Item #: 616043918778 -

                              Starting with how to set up a scorecard with a grid, codes and numbers, Dickson moves to various scoring techniques, including amplifications, marginalia, color, and using symbols, and follows up with a complete history from A to Z of baseball and scoring. Pictures an interesting section of famous score cards including a filled-in card from the 1932 World Series game where Babe Ruth is alleged to have called his home run. 117 pgs, hardcover, 2007

                              THE MAIN EVENT
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                              Item #: 9780870000000 -

                                Subtitled 'Boxing in Nevada from the Mining Camps to the Las Vegas Strip'. As the twentieth century dawned, bare-knuckle prizefighting was transforming into the popular sport of boxing, yet simultaneously it was banned as immoral in many locales. Nevada was the first state to legalize it, in 1897, solely to stage the Corbett-Fitzsimmons world heavyweight championship in Carson City. Davies shows that the history of boxing in Nevada is integral to the growth of the sport in America....

                                THE MAJORS GOLF TRIVIA Q + A
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                                Item #: 9780977266159 -

                                  Includes over 1,600 golf trivia questions. Questions cover the players, courses, scores, history and much more from the four major golf championships. Also included are questions covering the Ryder Cup and President's Cup. 200 Pgs. 2009

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                                  Item #: 9780879463182 -

                                    Statistics have become the method for talking baseball. To help make the game more understandable, Guzzo helps define the stats, looks at the historical breakdown of the use of stats, keeping score during the game, how to read the box score, real-life applications for the stats you hear on the radio or on TV, fantasy/simulation baseball games, and the future of statistics in baseball. 167 pgs, paperback, 2007

                                    THE OLD BALL GAME
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                                    Item #: 9780871138859 -

                                      One of America's best known sportswriters, Deford chronicles how a friendship between two towering figures in baseball helped make the sport a national pastime. At the turn of the century, every American man wanted to be pitcher Christy Mathewson, who was clean-cut and rarely spoke a negative word about anyone. New York Giants manager John McGraw, nicknamed the Little Napoleon, was ferocious. When McGraw joined the Giants in 1902, the team was coming off its worst season ever, yet within three...

                                      THE PHYSICS OF BASEBALL
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                                      Item #: 9780060084363 -

                                        The flight of the ball, pitching, batting, and the properties of bats are discussed in non-technical language that can be understood by young adults familiar with introductory physics. Short chapters, which include clear and helpful diagrams; each conclude with technical notes that can be skipped or studied closely, depending on readers' interests. Baseball players or fans and budding physicists should be intrigued by Adair's explanations of why the stitching on the ball effects the distance...

                                        THE PHYSICS OF FOOTBALL
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                                        Item #: 9780060826345 -

                                          Physicist and football fan Gay breaks down the fundamental laws of physics that govern America's most exciting spectator sport. To illustrate the science behind football, he highlights some of football's memorable moments, along with legendary feats from the likes of Franco Harris and Joe Montana. Did you know that Newton's Second Law of Physics proves that Dick Butkus hit running backs with the force of a small killer whale? Or, the average force with which a football must be kicked during...

                                          THE RIVALS: THE BOSTON RED SOX VS THE NEW YORK YANKEES
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                                          Item #: 9780312336165 -

                                            Chronicles the games between archrivals Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. This book is useful to understanding two teams, their cities, their fans, and perhaps the pastime and its nation. 2004, hardcover, 199 pgs

                                            THE ROOKIE
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                                            Item #: 9780446678377 -

                                              Morris, a 35-year-old Texas high school physics teacher and baseball coach (whose previous attempts to break into the bigs fell short), was challenged by his students to live up to his dream. Oddly, his pitching arm had only grown stronger with time, and at a new major league tryout his pitches were consistently overpowering. After making the expansion Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Morris was featured in Time, People, and Sports Illustrated. Previously published as "The Oldest Rookie" 276...

                                              THE SABR BASEBALL LIST & RECORD BOOK
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                                              Item #: 9781416532453 -

                                                The four letters (SABR) have become synonymous with baseball statistics and in this SABR is at its best as it presents an expansive collection of unique baseball lists and records. It's all about pitching, hitting, fielding, home runs, teams and rookie records NOT available online or in any other book. Here you'll find things like most career home runs by two brothers, most seasons with 15 or more wins, highest on-base percentage by a rookie in a season. Many of the records list comments on...

                                                THE THEORY & PRACTICE OF LAS VEGAS STYLE SPORTS BETTING
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                                                Item #: 616043915593 -

                                                  Using a question-answer, lecture format, the author covers all major sports and explores the components of winning sports betting, including, getting value, power analysis (how to determine one team is more powerful than another and by how much). The line, action moves, quality of opposition, schedule handicapping, middling and money management. Answers many questions for both beginners and seasoned wiseguys. 112 pgs, paperback, 1997

                                                  THE UNEMOTIONAL FOOTBALL BETTOR
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                                                  Item #: 616043918815 -

                                                    Kellen presents 27 strategies for football wagering that stand the test of time, having shown a 62.3% winning figure over 20 seasons. He explains how and why he worked on developing these strategies, including his mistakes along the way. The book is divided into college and pro with stats, revenge, bounce backs, letdowns, momentum and negative momentum, totals, rivalries, bowls, playoffs. 182 pgs, spiralbound, 2003   Table of Contents Money Management Flat Betting vs. Percent of Bankroll...

                                                    THE UNWRITTEN RULES OF BASEBALL
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                                                    Item #: 9780061561054 -

                                                      They have no sanction from the Commissioner, do not appear in any official publication, and are not posted on any clubhouse wall. They are a set of time-honored customs, rituals, and good manners that show a respect for the game, one's teammates, and one's opponentsand sometimes they contradict the official rulebook. 244 pgs, hardcover, 2009

                                                      THE WIZARD OF ODDS
                                                      Price: $17.95
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                                                      Item #: 9781583225622 -

                                                        Jack Molinas, a world-class athlete, lawyer, and stock market expert, was also a big-time gambler and fixer, a double and a triple-crosser and also a loan shark. He was murdered in the 1970s. There have been other books about Molinas, but this one draws on numerous first-person accounts (including Molinas' own journal), trial transcripts and more than 100 interviews. This is also a history of college and pro basketball in its years of innocence, the 1940's and 50's, when Molinas...

                                                        TY AND THE BABE
                                                        Price: $23.95
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                                                        Item #: 9780312361594 -

                                                          Stanton's story of the rivalry-turned-friendship of Ty Cobb (with the Detroit Tigers) and Babe Ruth (with the Red Sox and Yankees) is as splendid as a sunny spring day at the ballpark. Cobb held eight consecutive batting titles the first time he stepped up to hit against Ruth, whom Stanton (The Final Season) describes as "a platter-faced, gray flannelled 20-year-old" rookie pitcher in 1915. The two men were opposite in many ways—a Southern Baptist slap hitter versus the...

                                                          UNDERSTANDING SABERMETRICS
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                                                          Item #: 9780786433889 -

                                                            Born in the 1970's as a radical challenge to traditional baseball statistics, sabermetrics has developed into a new way of understanding many aspects of the game. Its practitioners have created new statistical tools and revised our old ways of thinking about established measures such as the batting average, tactics such as the sacrifice bunt, and even who among the greats was truly great. This introduction to the basics of sabermetric analysis explains concepts including normalization,...

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                                                            Item #: 9781416591870 -

                                                              In 2005 Canseco blew the lid off Major League Baseball's steroid scandal with his tell-all 'Juiced' - and no one believed him. Now steroids are back in the headlines. Record-breaking athletes are falling from grace, and the infamous Mitchell Report confirmed the names of major leaguers who have indeed used steroids while others remain under investigation. The answer is clear: Jose Canseco told the truth. And why wouldn't he? He started it all. Finally, in 'Vindicated', Canseco picks up where...

                                                              WANNA BET?
                                                              Price: $9.98
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                                                              Item #: 616043914886 -

                                                                Golf and gambling go together like caddies and bags. To prove it, Wade has compiled the greatest true anecdotes and stories about gambling on golf, featuring yarns from today's PGA tour to tales about celebrity money matches to classic hustling stories from the game's glory days. Ever hear about the time Babe Ruth played Ty Cobb in a 54-hole, three-state match? Or the time JFK resorted to presidential persuasion to win a golf bet? Filled with tales about everyone from Ben Hogan to Jack...

                                                                WANNA BET? GREATEST TRUE STORIES ABOUT GAMBLING ON GOLF
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9781560257059 -

                                                                  Golf and gambling go together like caddies and bags. To prove it, Wade has compiled the greatest true anecdotes and stories about gambling on golf, featuring yarns from today's PGA tour to tales about celebrity money matches to classic hustling stories from the game's glory days. Ever hear about the time Babe Ruth played Ty Cobb in a 54-hole, three-state match? Or the time JFK resorted to presidential persuasion to win a golf bet? Filled with tales about everyone from Ben Hogan to Jack...

                                                                  WATCHING BASEBALL SMARTER
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  PENGUIN GROUP USA INC. Item #: 2286 -

                                                                    There are trivia books and there are unusual trivia books. This is one of the latter, though it covers a not-so-unusual topic. According to the back cover, this is for the major league couch potato, the life-long season ticket holder or the person teaching the game to a beginner. According to popular readership, it's one of the best and most interesting books about pitching, hitting, running, fielding, and other activities on the baseball field. It handles practical information and unique...

                                                                    WHEN THE GAME CHANGED
                                                                    Price: $14.95
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 9780762772438 -

                                                                      An authoritative look back at the decade (1969-1979) that brought America’s favorite game into the modern era. Photographs Indexed 327 Pgs. 2011

                                                                      WHOS BETTER WHOS BEST IN BASKETBALL
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 9780071417884 -

                                                                        When the NBA released its supposedly authoritative list of the top 50 players, basketball fans everywhere begged to differ. In Who's Better, Who's Best? Elliot Kalb, known to TV viewers as ABC's 'Mr. Stats,' interweaves numbers, facts and anecdotes to flesh out the central question in every basketball fan's mind: Who's the best? His choices are provocative (Michael Jordan isn't #1; he's not even #2), framed by discussions with unorthodox sources and...

                                                                        WHOS BETTER, WHOS BEST IN FOOTBALL?
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 6712 -

                                                                          Subtitled "Setting the Record Straight on the Top 60 NFL Players of the Past 60 Years". Who are the best quarterbacks in NFL history? How about running backs? Wide receivers? How can we objectively rate the performance of individual defensive players? And how can we make reasonable judgments about players at different positions and from different eras? Who is the greatest football player of all time? Jerry Rice? Lawrence Taylor? Jim Brown? Such are the questions pondered by pro football writer...