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    Former Santa Anita handicapper and author, Paul Lambrakis, offers up a fresh new approach to horse race analysis. Paul tells readers that in order to handicap more effectively and get better prices, they must eliminate the speed figures from their handicapping. According to Lambrakis, who has been handicapping for over thirty-five years, the speed figures have never delivered on what they set out to do years ago. What they deliver is disappointment and short prices. Paul's method of horse race analysis is practical and straightforward. He tells you what areas of the past performances to focus on and what to look for. Paul will also reveal to you the one area of the PP's (past performances) that most handicappers overlook. It is here where you will find valuable clues to help you spot those higher-paying horses. Innovative Horse Race Handicapping is tailor-made for handicapping all the major US racetracks! 44 Pgs. 2021

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