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    What's more exciting or rewarding than hitting a big-priced horse the public turns its nose up at? It's not just the bulge in your bankroll, it's the bragging rights. The pleasure of going against the grain and being able to say "nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!" Get ready to gain some brand-new methods to your longshot madness. This just-published book is based on solid, comprehensive research stemming from the characteristics and trends displayed by virtually every longshot winner in North America in 2003 - more than 2,400 horses! With additional corroborative data stretching back to 2001, these outstanding angles help you uncover the well-meant longshot in a variety of tough handicapping situations, including first and second-time starters and first-turf runners. You'll also learn the well-kept secrets no other handicapping book can reveal about the key to prospering with longshots in turf and dirt stakes. What's more, you'll also be privy to the telltale signs an upset is in the making. The key to successful longshot play is knowing precisely when it will pay to pull the trigger. This book's collection of vulnerable and false-favorite guidelines by themselves will make you a better handicapper. In combination with the explosive longshot angles, you'll be armed with some lethal pari-mutuel dynamite. That's not all. Two exclusive and ready-to-use trainer-move tables and a never-before-published jockey-specialty list will unmask the largely obscure horsemen and riders who thrive on saddling and booting home the outrageous upsetter. When they strike, you'll know it before the public can even scratch its head. 46 Pgs. 2013

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