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    There's no doubt video poker as a casino game has taken the nation by storm. To help in the hunt for the allusive royal flush, Bob Dancer has done a massive revision of his initial book, which is now out of print. This book, co-authored with Liam Daily, contains about 30 percent new material, and although the price is now $18.50, his explanations of how to play 8/5, 9/5, 8/5/35 and 8/5 bonus machines and his explanations of the similarities and differences between flush 6 and flush 5 strategies, plus his sections for beginners and his recreational level make this a bargain at any price. For the beginner who knows nothing or little about poker, Jacks or Better is the simplest machine to learn to play. Dancer takes the novice by the hand and in the first few chapters, with explanations and examples, plus some solid rationale, helps build confidence and expertise. Included in the book are two short sections discussing the use of slot clubs and how to select the best game (and playing maximum coins). What helps any player is the ability to isolate key points (you'll want to use a colored highlighter while reading this book), and you'll spot them quickly since they're in bold type. 127 pages Paperbound 2004

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