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    'Bi-Count Blackjack' is for serious blackjack players. It's a brand new system of card-counting that lets the player track 36 cards from a deck with ease while telling the player how best to play out each hand. Multiple deck play will actually add to the players advantage. It is superior to plus/minus card-counting systems with running counts that are virtually impossible to follow and with betting patterns that give you away as a counter as well. It provides a wealth of information which will change the way you play your game. With 'Bi-Count Blackjack' you are in control. You know what the deck(s) have in store for you. You can anticipate receiving a blackjack, a high 2-card hand, or either a "make" card for you as well as how to play out the hand. With 'Bi-Count Blackjack' you don't double down or split pairs unless it's to your advantage. You don't hit a 'stiff' or stand when the dealer has a 3,4,5, or 6 unless it's to your advantage. You don't surrender or take insurance unless it's to your advantage to do so. The bi-count blackjack system comes filled with blackjack analysis including the weaknesses of basic strategy as well as those of most counting systems. Over 40 tables explain the fallacies of card-counting systems with "index" numbers. It explains the "defensive" deck characteristics used by casinos and tells you how to anticipate a winning hand on more than a "ten rich" deck. It tells you of the fallacies of making larger bets into a "ten rich" deck when the next hand is actually a disadvantage to your winning. Winslow's book has an answer for "defensive" deck techniques and prepares you for the high/low deck and "streaks" that play havoc with a 10-card counting system. 62 Pages Spiralbound 2009


    Table of Contents

    • Bi-Count Blackjack -Beyond Basic Strategy
    • Winning at Gambling
    • Blackjack - A Game of Skill
    • Knowing the Numbers
    • The Real World of Blackjack Players
    • Understanding the Numbers in Blackjack
    • Basic Strategy, More Basic than Strategy
    • The Theory of Basic Strategy
    • Problems with Basic Strategy
    • Other Factors Affecting Basic Strategy
    • Card Counting Systems
    • Bi-Count Blackjack
    • Deck Characteristics
    • Conclusion
    • Bi-Count Blackjack - The System
    • Tips on Playing Bi-Count Blackjack

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