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    With a quarter-century of experience in high-stakes gambling, Andersen forges a blueprint for success in blackjack, poker and other games of life. He addresses every aspect of blackjack advantage play: game selection, longevity, tipping, employee relations, guises, disguises, false identification, credit, comps, risk, heat, dress, demeanor, and even diet. Peppered with anecdotes and stories. 354 Pgs. 1999 Hardcover

    • Introduction
    • Basic Strategy
    • How the Game Has Changed
    • Choosing Your Count - The "KISS" Principle
    • Psychological Profile of a Winning High-Stakes Player
    • The High Roller
    • Your P&L Statement - Penetration and Longevity
    • The Ultimate Gambit (with Stanford Wong)
    • Crazy Surrender
    • For Green-Chip Players
    • Blackjack Debates
    • Amazing and Amusing Incidents (All True)
    • On Guises and Disguises
    • Psychological Aspects of the Game
    • Understanding Casino Thinking
    • Tips & Tipoffs
    • Managing Risk
    • International Play
    • On Maintaining Physical and Mental Fitness

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