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    Master Handicapping Course is a comprehensive program designed to improve all facets of your handicapping skills. This ten-part series is based upon the ten-week course Dick Mitchell teaches in our classroom. Students learn handicapping "The Dick Mitchell Way." It will give you the knowledge needed to handicap horses and realize consistent thoroughbred wagering profits. Successful graduates place themselves among the top five percent of all horseplayers. Mitchell's most important credential is that he's earned a profit at the racetrack in each of the last eleven years and has taught hundreds of others how to do the same. The course is ordered in a very logical manner. Mitchell devotes a section to each of the fundamental factors of handicapping - Ability (Speed and Class), Form and Condition, Angles (Hot Stats) and Value. He then shows you how to apply those fundamentals to specific race situations. If you handicap dirt races the same way you handicap turf races, you're destined for less than masterful results. Each major type of race - maiden, claiming, allowance and stakes, and turf - must be handled differently. Mitchell, who has mastered each major type plus their many subgroups, teaches you how. The topics you'll cover include: Advanced Speed and Pace Handicapping, The Form Factor, Profitable Betting Strategies, How and When to Bet Against the Favorite, Winning the Maiden Race, Mastering the Claiming Race, Handicapping Stakes and Allowance Races, How To Profit from Turf Races, How to Play Exactas, Winning Handicapping in the '90s. Refers you to the exact course materials you need to review in order to master each topic. Includes the following books: 21st Century Handicapping, How to Play the Pick-3, How to Play the Trifecta, How to Play the Exacta and Quinella, and Master Handicapping Course Study Guide, all by Dick Mitchell along with 2015 Pars Plus by Cynthia Publishing. DVD Videos: Current Commonsense Handicapping, Contemporary Contenders & Practical Pacelines, Advanced Speed & Pace Handicapping, Commonsense Maiden Handicapping, Commonsense Form Factor Analysis, Commonsense Betting Strategy, Common Sense Exacta & Modern Techniques, Commonsense Money Management, How to Win at Claiming Races, Winning the Nonclaiming Race and Advanced Betting Strategies

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