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    Murray portrays the rise and fall of Rita Zapata, known as the Queen of the Street Fighters in her poor East Los Angeles neighborhood. Tagged as a girl with a reputation early on, Rita decides to live up to it after a chance encounter with Cherry Salazar, girlfriend to a famous ex-fighter in East L.A. Rita decides that to have the life she wants, she will need to hook up with a boxing champion. When she meets him, she finally finds her ticket to Vegas. Murray chronicles Rita's rocky...

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      The kind of crime story where you root for one group of shady characters over the other because the first one helps hookers and executes bad guys, while the second murders indiscriminately and beats prostitutes for sport. Wiley, an unemployed poker player and the brightest light in this murky world, considers abandoning such dealings to coach high school hoops, but unfinished business drags him back into the Portland gutters. This time he's gunning for Dookie, a stylishly crazy pimp who's...