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    Showgirl Memoir is an open window into Mikel's personal and professional life as a showgirl/dancer. a small town girl whose dream brought her two Olypian performances - '84 in Los Angeles and '88 in Seoul, Korea, and Jubilee Showgirl in Las Vegas. As additional dressing (and undressing) to her life's story, she shares many successes and a few road bumps along the way, exposing emotional scars as straight forward as her dancing topless. Photographs 275 Pgs. 2016

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      Little girls all over the world may hope to grow up to become a princess, but few ever realize the dream. For those who grow up to become showgirls, they go far beyond, becoming goddess-like objects of men's desire and the epitome of feminine beauty, elegance, and class. As soon as resort casinos began to dot the dusty Las Vegas landscape, major stars, extravagant show productions, and beautiful women helped promote the city to become the ultimate adult playground. In the early 1950s, when...

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        Kenny Guinn was elected governor of Nevada in a 1998 landslide but the outcome was determined long before the first vote was cast. Ralston shows how the power and money of the casino industry combined with string-pulling and innuendo made this and perhaps other elections a mere formality. Guinn had never run for any office but he'd paid plenty of dues, so when he called in his markers, the powers paid off. Ralston unravels the complex web of insider politics and power to expose the system....

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          Debuting at the Tropicana Hotel on Christmas Eve, 1959, at a reported cost of one quarter-million dollars (over two million in today's dollars), the Folies Bergere stage show featured a cast of "eighty stars" and promised an elegant evening of sensual entertainment complete with sensational song and dance numbers, curious novelty acts, and exquisite leggy showgirls. Imported directly from Paris, the iconic French production, famed for its elegant and chic legacy, was a mainstay on the Las...

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            After a horrific blaze destroyed Willie Martello’s El Rey Club in 1962, nearly fifty years would pass before anyone knew of how that casino and one-time brothel provided a template for present-day gambling resorts, upset the Las Vegas mob, and inadvertently launched the career of Francis Ford Coppola. Were it not for the chance discovery of a single photo in a Las Vegas museum, the El Rey Club would be known only as the seedy brothel where Senator Harry Reid learned to swim. Using...

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              Nevada has always been different from other states. Almost from its beginning, Nevada sanctioned behaviors considered immoral elsewhere gambling, prize-fighting, brothels, easy divorce and embraced a culture of individualism and disdain for the constraints of more conventional society. In The Making of Modern Nevada, author Hal Rothman focuses on the factors that shaped the states original maverick, colonial status and those that later allowed it to emerge as the new standard of American...

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                Until recently, Las Vegas was known as the city of sin, the place where people visited but didnt stay, a vacation resort in the desert. But today, immigration by diverse populations has changed the city into one of the fastest growing populaces in the nation. In this book, 17 local scholars from several disciplines profile 13 of the ethnic groups that make up the Las Vegas population, discussing why the people arrived in the city and how the demographics have changed. 352 pgs, paperback, 2005

                TIME OUT LAS VEGAS
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                  This back-pocket handy guide to Las Vegas 2008 is divided into seven sections: sights and museums, itineraries, nightlife, arts and leisure, eating and drinking and shopping. Each entry has at least a paragraph of info and a reference to finding it on the map in the back of the book. Lists websites, plus a strategy card for blackjack. 192 pgs, paperback, 2007

                  UNDER THE NEON SKY
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                    Back in stock! Rankin's tale reads like a work of fiction, but every cutting edge event, every close call, every thing decadent and loving about Las Vegas is real.  As the doorman for a famed Strip hotel/casino, he saw it all and participated in much of it. 264 Pgs. 2009

                    VEGAS CONFIDENTIAL: 1000 NAKED TRUTHS
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                      A gossip columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Clarke has tackled the job of writing the ten best of everything Vegas. Unlike other travel guides, this one covers myriad subjects, all researched by Clarke or his colleagues. Some of the places to eat, sight-see, celebrity watch, etc., are totally without coverage elsewhere. 271 Pgs. 2004