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    Gambling, simply stated, is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Despite the best efforts of our Puritan fore-bearers, America has, throughout its history, been a country of rebels and gamblers. The games - faro, poker, keno, hazard, roulette, and others, have produced objects that are highly collectible and valued by a growing number of aficionados. This wonderful new book explores the world of gambling collectibles in a way that will inform and amuse both the novice and the...

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    JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 831 -

      The authors explores the extent of problem gambling and pathological gambling among students (and faculty), and the potential consequences of campus gambling for students and institutions. Offers information, suggestions for research, frameworks for policy development, and models for practice related to campus gambling. 104 Pgs. 2006

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      TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 834 -

        Gambling expert Malmuth covers topics ranging from non-self weighting strategies; sequencing; inversely correlated poker games to theory in practice; fluctuations; money management; computing standard deviation; poker lotteries; betting and game theory. Also briefly discusses pai gow poker and super pan poker. 310 Pgs.1994

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        PENGUINRANDOMHOUSE Item #: 842 -

          Reith has assembled a comprehensive and thought-provoking collection of articles by internationally recognized experts in the study of gambling: doctors, lawyers, journalists and academics. It presents a diverse range of perspectives on gambling: from legal, political, and economic, to social, psychological, and ethical. The collection offers a balanced range of viewpoints and arguments, allowing readers to decide for themselves what role gambling should play in our society. Topics discussed...

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          Item #: 9780963200211 -

            More of a history book than an indicator of value for spectators. If you've ever found a chip, check or token with a unique name or design and wondered how old it was, where it was issued (address, city and state are listed in many cases, along with the year the establishment opened or closed, if known), you'll find it here. 424 pgs, 1998

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            Item #: 877 -

              This English book will teach points of the game not covered by American authors. It includes total defense, playing color, and different strategies in offense and defense. 134 Pgs. 1946

              GOING FOR BROKE
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              Item #: 616043917672 -

                Looks at 21 movies with a gambling theme, some more serious and in depth on the subject than others. Dement analyzes them from the point of responsibility or irresponsibility: The filmmakers ability to address the problem of compulsive gambling, and the film's strengths and weaknesses. Simply, how realistic and accurate were these films, seen by millions of people in theaters and on television throughout the world? Titles include 'The Gambler' with James Caan, 'California...

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                Item #: 616043917696 -

                  Designed to be a comprehensive reference for use by clinicians, mental health professionals, social workers, legal professionals, researchers, scientists, students and administrators in the treatment of pathological or compulsive gamblers. 211 pgs, paperback, 1987

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                  Item #: 9781580421010 -

                    This thorough introduction to the game of bridge is filled with copious examples, illustrations and anecdotes. Beginning and intermediate players learn step by step everything they need to know about: duplicate bridge, contract bridge, rules of play, fundamentals of opening bids and responses, and scoring. Also includes tournament strategies. Covers the Jacoby Transfer, Cue, Weak Two, Michaels Cue, Shut-Out, Slam, No-Trump, and advanced, defensive and preemptive bids to the popular and...

                    HANDBOOK ON PERCENTAGES
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                    Item #: 919 -

                      A reprint of a 1930 edition published by Joe Treybal, a St. Louis gambling supply manufacturer that was once regarded as one of the outstanding dice makers in the country. It was the first major effort to compile a list of the percentage advantage enjoyed by the operators of all banking house games. 64 Pgs. 1976

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                      TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 10710 -

                        Gambling is something that many of us participate in, and this can include a trip to a casino or perhaps a home game of poker. But it turns out gambling, or aspects of gambling, will appear in many places, and this, of course, includes history, and that's what this book is about. First, we'll define exactly what gambling is, explain why both luck and skill (or lack of skill) are important, and also define something called non-self-weighting strategies which just happens to be the right way to...

                        HOW TO PLAY PAI GOW TILES
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                        Item #: 2803 -

                          Overview and Purpose: Section 1 - Introduction to Pai Gow; Section 2 - The 32 Individual Dominoes; Section 3 - The 20 Ranking Pairs; Section 4 - Evaluating Every Possible Hand; Section 5 - An Eight Step Decision Sequence; Section 6 - Guidelines for Splitting Pairs; Section 7 - Closing Comments on Pai Gow. 28 Pgs. 1985

                          HOW TO WIN AT GIN RUMMY
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                          GAMBLER'S BOOK CLUB Item #: 1034 -

                            First published in 1943, this remains one of the classics on the game, going straight to the point on percentage play. The major sections cover how to play the odds, why you shouldn't pick an open card if it won't make a meld, when the first card should be picked up and how to avoid throwing your opponent a useful card. 64 Pgs. 1975

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                            Item #: 616043917719 -

                              Begins with a definitions, distinctions and a short history of gaming checks and chips with a chronology of development, manufacturing styles and composition. Later sections include illustrations of checks and chips. Illustrations include manufacturer's individual designs and groupings, colors and monogram styles. Information on dating and pricing chips and a list of check mold descriptions and codes. 66 Pgs. 2008

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                              Item #: 9781580420150 -

                                One of the world's foremost chess experts shows White how to substitute an entirely unconventional approach for the classical principals of opening play. 288 Pgs. 1999

                                INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY
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                                DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 1083 -

                                  Probability theory, the basis of statistics and game theory, can be fun to learn. Multiple exercises throughout the text help you to learn and practice the ideas and methods explained in the book. A good tool for learning probability skills. 247 Pgs. 1973

                                  JACKPOT NATION
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                                  Item #: 616043917740 -

                                    Estimating that Americans bet somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 billion a year, Hoffer, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, wandered across the U.S. showing us how we gamble, why we gamble, and why the biggest opponents of gambling are now the biggest fans. He visits trade shows, hangs around underground poker games, hustles for a side of bacon in a Minnesota bar, discusses expansion plans with a tribal chief, and looks at every angle of chance taking. 241 pgs hardcover, 2007

                                    KILLER CHESS TACTICS
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                                    Item #: 9781580421119 -

                                      This book teaches you how to learn from the incredible combinations and sacrifices of 14 World Champions, how the champions used these brilliant stratagems to bring opponents to their knees, and how they themselves fell prey to these deadly surprise attacks. Packed with ideas, 200 fully annotated games, 1,000 diagrams, and practical advice. Learn how to use these powerful weapons from the champions themselves. 640 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                      LAS VEGAS THE FABULOUS FIRST CENTURY
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                                      ARCADIA PUBLISHING Item #: 1179 -

                                        Whether known as "The Entertainment Capital of the World" or Sin City, Glitter Gulch or even "Lost Wages" Nevada, the dazzling city of Las Vegas has undergone incredible transformation-from ancient watering hole to Mormon fort, from whistle stop to mob-run profit center to become the fastest-growing urban community in the nation. Home to nearly 1.5 million residents, a melting pot of races and cultures, this great metropolis boasts a thrilling history of vices and virtues but, above all, a...

                                        LAS VEGAS: A CENTENNIAL HISTORY
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                                        UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA PRESS Item #: 1184 -

                                          The meteoric rise of Las Vegas from a remote Mormon outpost to an international entertainment center and metropolitan area of over a million people was never a sure thing. In its first decades, the town languished but when Nevada legalized casino gambling (1931), the city met its destiny. This book celebrates the city's unparalleled growth, examining the development of its industry and the creation of an urban complex. Here are the colorful characters who shaped the growth, chronologically...

                                          LESTER "BENNY" BINION: RECOLLECTIONS
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                                          Item #: 616043917818 -

                                            In 1972, Benny Binion, patriarch of the Binion Family and founder of the world famous Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, agreed to participate in the Oral History Project conducted by the University of Nevada at Reno. Glass spent two days taping interviews with Binion, who reviewed the transcripts and made no changes. In typewritten question-and-answer format, the book covers myriad stories and opinions, including thoughts about crooked politicians, gamblers and memories of early Las...

                                            LIBERAL CONSCIENCE, A
                                            Price: $25.95
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                                            Item #: 616043917825 -

                                              In this memoir, Denton, one of Nevada's modern pioneers, chronicles his career. Born in Nevada in 1925, he was befriended by Pat McCarran, the powerful U.S. Senator, and began working with him. After earning a law degree, he became one of the influential young Nevadans widely known as McCarran's Boys. Denton was a liberal while McCarran was often an extreme conservative. Though he wasnt elected to high office, Denton masterminded the careers of other politicians, including Grant Sawyer (3-time...

                                              MASTER CHECKMATE STRATEGY
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                                              Item #: 9781580420969 -

                                                Robertie all the essential mates, including the scholar's mate, mate with two bishops, the corridor mate, the smothered mate, five patterns of diagonal mates, king hunts, and the key strategies needed to set up future mates. 160 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                                MILLS BELL: 1946 CATALOG
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                                                Item #: 616043916002 -

                                                  This is a reprint of a catalog issued by the Mills Slot Machine Company. Contains some history of the company and its machines, plus photos of the company's products: ice-cream, Coca Cola, and change machines; coin counter; and coin machine tool kit. 33 pgs.

                                                  NEVADA TOWNS & TALES: VOL I NORTH
                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  NEVADA PUBLICATIONS Item #: 1356 -

                                                    Richly illustrated with photos, maps, drawings, and copies of documents and clippings, these two volumes trace the history of the state. Vol. 1 includes Reno, Elko, Carson City, and its mining, politics, ranching, and gaming. Vol. 2 highlights Tonopah, Las Vegas, and Ely and includes entertainment history. 222 Pgs.1981

                                                    NEVADA YESTERDAYS
                                                    Price: $24.95
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                                                    Item #: 616043917443 -

                                                      For 18 years Las Vegans have enjoyed small helpings of their own rich history served up by public radio station KNPR, hearing well-told tales of characters with names like Whiskey Pete and the comic-opera romance between a famous female evangelist and a boyfriend called Whataman. This book presents more than 100 of those stories selected mostly by the program's original author, historian Frank Wright, who mined the pits and pockets of local lore for nuggets little-known to the public,...

                                                      NEW IDEAS IN CHESS
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                                                      Item #: 9781580422741 -

                                                        Finally, one of the most influential chess books ever is back! Five- time U.S Champion Larry Evans shows you the most important concepts that comprise a winning chess game: Space, Time, Force & Pawn Structure. In a book that has been called the "bible" for novice to intermediate player," this newly revised classic uses actual game examples to illustrate dozens of chess themes. Each is a mini-lesson that illustrate the fundamental concepts of modern chess theory - ones that...

                                                        NO LIMIT: RISE AND FALL OF BOB STUPAK
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                                                        HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 1372 -

                                                          Subtitled 'The Rise and Fall of Bob Stupak and Las Vegas' Stratosphere Tower', this book focuses on one of the more controversial people in the gaming industry, the self-proclaimed Polish Maverick who rose from humble origins as the son of a Pittsburgh boss gambler to head one of the largest privately-owned casinos in Las Vegas. Stupak parlayed a small slot joint into a $100-million-a-year operation by manipulating the media with outrageous stunts and promotions. Newspaper columnist Smith...

                                                          OWNERS PICTORIAL GUIDE: MILLS BELL SLOT MACHINE
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                                                          Item #: 616043918099 -

                                                            This comprehensive book is specifically directed to the owner of any full-size, three-reel Mills bell machine manufactured after 1920, including the puzzling bonus, new bonus and futurity models. However, the knowledge gained from this book will enable the reader to work on all previously manufactured Mills machines. Over 500 detailed photographs are accompanied by step-by-step instructions for all routine maintenance operations as well as complete assembly, disassembly, overhaul, lubrication...

                                                            OWNERS PICTORIAL GUIDE: THE BALLY SLOT MACHINE
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 1424 -

                                                              Although dealing with all models from M/742 through M/1206 manufactured from 1963 to 1981, this book specifically covers the four basic types of Bally machines: Single coin, five coin multiplier, three-line and five-line criss-cross. However, the knowledge gained from this book will enable the reader to work on a great many other Bally machines. Over 300 detailed photographs, 94 isolated circuit diagrams and four complete, large, fold-out schematics (printed on colored paper for ease in...

                                                              Price: $3.00
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                                                              Item #: 616043918129 -

                                                                Sheldon's book for beginners can also be used as a review for those familiar with the game. It explains rules, strategies, and the language of the game. 130 pgs, 1969

                                                                PAN STATISTICS
                                                                Price: $10.00
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                                                                Item #: 616043918136 -

                                                                  This 1997 study contains original, never-before-published statistics for the game, including the total number of unique hands possible in the Pan deck and frequencies of occurrence for unusual hands for both the 310-card and 320-card decks. 11 pgs, 1997

                                                                  PAN: THE GAMBLERS CARD GAME
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  Item #: 616043918150 -

                                                                    A definitive work on one of the fastest of all games played with cards. An excellent value for the price. James is a pan expert; his book shows it in each and every chapter as he explains the game in an easy-to-follow manner. 109 Pgs. 1979

                                                                    PLAY BACKGAMMON TONIGHT
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                                                                    Item #: 616043916996 -

                                                                      Thompson guides novice and average players through the intricacies, with particular emphasis on the decisive doubling cube, which is responsible for parlaying the game from parlor fun to gambling in country clubs and elsewhere. 61 pgs, 1976

                                                                      PLAY BETTER CHESS TODAY!
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 9781580422871 -

                                                                        Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes - and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way for novice players to improve their chess game today. 'Play Better Chess Today' is perfect for players who have learned the basics and are ready to take their game to the next level and start winning games. This skill-building manual has over 100 oversized diagrams that show how to exploit the strengths of each piece, and defend against its...

                                                                        PLAY CHESS TONIGHT
                                                                        Price: $2.95
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 616043917030 -

                                                                          A beginner's guide to chess fundamentals with excellent diagrams. 64 pgs, paperback, 1976