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Item #: 616043917016 -

    Originally $3.95 reduced to $.50. Three basic forms of the game are covered: Three-handed Auction, Two-handed Pinochle, and the Four-Handed Partnership game. Illus with strategies. 62 pgs, 1976

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    Item #: 1575 -

      Shipman presents a fun but thorough primer to chess. Packed with diagrams and valuable instruction, this is the ideal book for beginners who want a clear and concise introduction that will keep them interested and entertained. 173 Pgs. 2006

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      JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 1617 -

        Packed with practical tips and techniques for solving probability problems. Increase your chances of acing that probability exam -- or winning at the casino! Whether you're hitting the books for a probability or statistics course or hitting the tables at a casino, working out probabilities can be problematic. This book helps you even the odds. Using easy-to-understand explanations and examples, it demystifies probability -- and even offers savvy tips to boost your chances of gambling...

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        CHARLES C. THOMAS PUBLISHERS Item #: 1618 -

          This book is an introduction to the topic of problem gambling and its treatment. A variety of different data and information, based on solid research, are drawn upon to understand problem gambling and its treatment. The book follows a logical sequence, beginning with the development of an understanding of problem gambling and ending with a discussion of different kinds of treatment. Useful as an introductory text for students, and for policymakers involved in the legalization, expansion, and...

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          Item #: 10932 -

            Queen of Hearts: The Story of Anna Sipl Meyers recounts the life of the first woman of her time to own and successfully manage a hotel and casino in Las Vegas: The first was The Casbah, changed to Queen of Hearts, the second Little Annie’s Nevada Hotel and Casino. Anna Meyers socialized with the noteworthy and the notorious, gentlemen and thugs. She cared for the homeless and the derelicts, and bore the scorn of the Country Club set who ended up celebrating her. Though Anna is very well known...

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            UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA PRESS Item #: 1670 -

              A major study of the urbanization of Las Vegas that also provides a look at the city's historical development, this is a scholarly study of Las Vegas' efforts to annex its suburbs. Contains a discussion of the civil rights movement in the city: how Blacks were excluded and how the industry allowed a few influential bigots to control its destiny in the 1930s and 40s. 330 pgs, paperback, 2000

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              HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 194 -

                Was $65.00 Now $50.00! A one-of-a-kind item, this coffee-table book contains 139 fine reproductions of great works of art that incorporate gambling in their theme. The photos include a black-figure painting that dates back to 500 B.C., dozens of card players, several works by Leroy Neiman, Picasso, Thomas Hart Benton and other artists. A beautifully rendered documentation of the evolution of gambling. 231 Pgs. 2000 Hardcover ...

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                Item #: 9781580420488 -

                  The new definitive standard on opening play, this comprehensive guide covers every important chess opening and variation ever played and currently in vogue - more than 3,000 opening strategies. Differing from books that rely exclusively on bare notation, Schiller features substantial discussion and analysis on each opening so that you understand them clearly. More than 250 annotated games (including a game representative of each major opening), and 1,000 diagrams make this the standard...

                  START PLAYING CHESS TODAY!
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                  Item #: 9781580422864 -

                    Takes large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes- and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. In fact, right now! Perfect for players new to the game, you'll learn the basics of chess and how each piece moves, its relative value and how it can be used to checkmate opponents! You'll also learn the basic concepts of attacking and defending, plus the mates and attacks to keep in your arsenal.

                    SUPER CRUNCHERS
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                    Item #: 1880 -

                      Why would a casino try to stop you from losing? How can a mathematical formula find your future spouse? In the past, one could get by on intuition and experience, but times have changed today the name of the game is data. Ayres shows how today's best and brightest organizations are analyzing massive databases at lightning speed to provide greater insights into human behavior. Indexed 260 Pgs. Hardcover, 2007

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                      Item #: 9781580420730 -

                        The chess doctors handbook to the very popular traps and pitfalls faced by beginning and intermediate chess players. Opening traps are the single most annoying stratagem, that is, for unprepared players. Shows you how to handle these traps as both Black and White and to set the same traps yourself. Provides practical remedies from both the White and Black perspectives to the annoying variations that opponents often choose instead of the well-known main lines. For key openings, the authors...

                        TEST YOUR CHESS I.Q.
                        Price: $12.95
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                        Item #: 9781580420273 -

                          Grandmaster and Hall of Fame chess legend Larry Evans draws upon his vast experience as 5-time USA champion, author of 25 books, and Bobby Fischers second, to present a fun and challenging new approach for chess players. Readers test their skills against 100 fascinating positions from actual games and must choose the best move from among three choices. Each correct answer earns the reader 25 points; no points are given for incorrect choices. At the end of the series, players can calculate...

                          THE CARD PLAYERS COMPANION
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                          Item #: 2182 -

                            THE CARD PLAYER'S COMPANION is a lively and wide ranging guide to the fascinationg world of cards and card games. Included in this book are: The origins and history of playing cards; early games; how to play classic groups and different families of games such as Whist, Bezique, Cribbage, Poker, All-Fours, Rummy and Patience; card player's jargon explained; card curiosities and unusual packs; how to play gambling and banking games; famous card scandals. THE CARD PLAYER'S COMPANION is not only...

                            THE COMPLETE WIN AT SPADES
                            Availability: Available
                            Item #: 1994 -

                              A spades expert, the author teaches the reader everything about the game from the basic elements and techniques, the rules and laws of the game, bidding, defense and play of the hand, tournament and duplicate strategies. Winning strategies for the intermediate and advanced player with illus hands to demonstrate all levels of play. 158 Pgs., 2000

                              THE FIRST 100
                              Price: $19.95
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                              HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 2011 -

                                A coffee-table book, this fine effort is a compilation of articles serialized in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The subject is, of course, Las Vegas' first 100 years, and it pays tribute to 100 people who were most influential in the shaping of Las Vegas.The authors compiled the profiles of these men and women who ushered the city to the forefront of pop culture.The names include casino founders (Bugsy Siegel, Benny Binion, for example), explorers and pioneers (John C. Fremont, O.D. Gass and...

                                THE FRUGAL GAMBLER CASINO GUIDE
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                                HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 7869 -

                                  The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide both updates and backdates The Frugal Gambler and More Frugal Gambling by covering, in comprehensive detail, the state-of-the-art techniques of casino gambling for low-rollers and the concepts on which frugal gambling is built: How to lose less and play longer. Indexed 301 Pgs. 2017

                                  THE LUCK BUSINESS
                                  Price: $19.95
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                                  Item #: 2065 -

                                    The Devastating Consequences and Broken Promises of America's Gambling Explosion. 288 Pgs. 1995 Hardcover

                                    THE MAN WITH THE $100,000 BREASTS
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                                    HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 2075 -

                                      Konik is a contributor to Cigar Aficionado, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Forbes and Travel and Leisure, covering the gaming world for the trendy and upscale magazines, talking about cheats and legitimate players, interviewing professional gamblers, exposing touts, and giving readers an inside, close-up look at what it’s like in the world of gambling. As for the title of this collection of articles (which appeared in some of the magazines mentioned above), Konik interviews a fearless gambler (male)...

                                      THE MAVERICK SPIRIT
                                      Price: $17.95
                                      Availability: Available
                                      Item #: 616043918785 -

                                        Fourteen chapters by noted writers, researchers and scholars focus on people who were/are instrumental in the explosive growth of Nevada. The history of gaming in the state is traced by looking at the people who had the vision to see a tiny railroad town in the middle of a desert as a resort destination. Includes Maude Frazier, educator and lawmaker; Moe Dalitz; controversial founder of the modern Las Vegas; James McMillan, who championed the drive for equality; William F. Harrah; Hank...

                                        THE OFFICIAL RULES OF CHESS
                                        Availability: Available
                                        Item #: 9781580420921 -

                                          This rule book is the essential guide to the professional, scholastic, and internet rules of chess. Written in plain English for practical use, you’ll learn everything you need to know about tournaments, rating systems, etiquette for in-person and online play, and chess notation. Special sections for students and parents answer all the frequently asked questions about competitive play. These are the rules that apply to every tournament form of chess, from scholastic competitions to world...

                                          THE PLAYERS: THE MEN WHO MADE LAS VEGAS
                                          Availability: Available
                                          UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA PRESS Item #: 3230 -

                                            Las Vegas was largely shaped by a handful of colorful and astute casino operators who turned a dusty desert town into the gaudy, booming holiday mecca that it is today. The essays in this book introduce us to these players. We discover how early leaders like Cliff Jones, Moe Dalitz and Benny Binion first grasped Las Vegas’s potential as a center for high-stakes gambling, and we read of mobster Bugsy Siegel’s efforts to bring to reality another man’s dream of a glamorous...

                                            PREDICTORS: HOW PHYSICISTS MADE FORTUNE ON WALL STREET
                                            Price: $22.99
                                            Availability: Available
                                            Item #: 1603 -

                                              Subtitled "How a Band of Maverick Physicists Used Chaos Theory to Trade Their Way To a Fortune On Wall Street." Excerpted in The New Yorker and hailed by the business press, The Predictors is destined to become a classic of its generation--an antic, subversive odyssey into a universe defined by the mystical convergence of physics and finance. How could a couple of rumpled physicists in sandals and Eat-the-Rich T-shirts, piling computers into an adobe house in Santa Fe, hope to take on the...

                                              THEORY OF GAMES & ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR
                                              Availability: Available
                                              Item #: 2168 -

                                                This is the classic work upon which modern-day game theory is based. What began more than sixty years ago as a modest proposal that a mathematician and an economist write a short paper together blossomed, in 1944, when Princeton University Press published Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. In it, John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern conceived a groundbreaking mathematical theory of economic and social organization, based on a theory of games of strategy. Not only would this revolutionize...

                                                TO GAMBLE OR NOT TO GAMBLE
                                                Availability: Available
                                                Item #: 616043918846 -

                                                  The author believes that gambling is a disease that infects the individual, the family and the nation. He proves his point by dissecting various forms of wagering and Las Vegas itself. Then provides a cure for those addicted to gambling. Includes a 20 question test to help determine if you are a compulsive gambler and recommends the Gambler's Anonymous 12-step program as a cure. 370 Pages Hardbound 1972

                                                  UNDERSTANDING & TREATING PATHOLOGICAL GAMBLER
                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Item #: 2238 -

                                                    Understanding and Treating the Pathological Gambler provides a combination of theory and practical solutions for the clinician working with pathological gamblers. The first half of this title discusses the history, theories and evaluation of gamblers and gambling while the second provides clinicians with interventions, based on scientific research, for the cessation of abusive gambling, including strategies for long-term abstinence and relapse prevention.* Written by a world renowned expert on...

                                                    UNDERSTANDING PROBLEM GAMBLERS
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 616043918945 -

                                                      The author recognizes that gambling has a legitimate place in society, but here he explores some of the motivations and attractions of gambling and how the transition from social to problem gambling and dependency develops. He pays particular attention to young gamblers, including the family environment and how they differ from older gamblers. He details how to break through the barrier of denial, help overcome the addiction and prevent relapse. A vital book for the problem gambler and anyone...

                                                      UNORTHODOX CHESS OPENINGS
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 9781580420723 -

                                                        This guide to all the major unorthodox openings used by chess players, contains more than 1, 500 contentious, unconventional, arrogant, and outright strange opening strategies. Youll meet such openings as the Orangutang, Halloween Gambit, Frankenstein-Dracula Variation, Double Duck, and even the Drunken King. These openings are an exotic way to spice up a game and a great weapon to spring on unsuspecting and unprepared opponents. More than 100 annotated games and 750 diagrams showing essential...

                                                        WINNING CHESS OPENINGS
                                                        Price: $9.95
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 9781580420518 -

                                                          A chess player's opening sets the tone for the entire game, creating the advantages or disadvantages that lead to victory or defeat. In this step-by-step guide, former U.S. speed chess champion Bill Robertie reveals more than 25 openings that will help beginning and intermediate players seize the early advantage.144 pages, paperbound, 2002.

                                                          WINNING CHESS TACTICS
                                                          Price: $9.95
                                                          Availability: Available
                                                          Item #: 9781580420754 -

                                                            Newly formatted and updated, the 14 chapters illustrate the explanations and thinking behind every tactical concept. Learn to use pins, single and double forks, double attacks, skewers, discovered and double checks, multiple threats and other crushing tactics to gain an immediate edge. Each concept is fully explained in easy-to-understand language with diagrams, examples and game situations so you understand the thinking and game plan behind every moves. A valuable guide for beginning and...