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    As gaming expands across the globe, there is a growing need for clear guidance through the confusing world of casino operations. "Introduction to Casino Management" carefully explains gaming operations to those with little or no knowledge of the business. Written by experts with over 60 years of combined industry experience, this text provides in-depth coverage of key operating issues and practices. Both students and gaming professionals alike will appreciate this comprehensive guide to casino...

    Price: $109.00
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      Thirteen chapters of original casino marketing material cover: Introduction to Casino Marketing Topics, Introduction to Casino Promotion: Premium & General Market Tactics, Introduction to Slot Clubs, Introduction to Database Marketing, Match-Play Offers, Promotional Chips, & Vouchers, Dead Chip Programs, Discounting Player Losses, Structuring a Discount Program, Assessing Deal-Making Policies & Practices, Casino Hosting & Credit Procedures, Repeater Market Promotions, Understanding the...